Orgasm during pap smear?

this is really ackward. I'm 19 years old, and had my first pap smear today. I didnt really know what to expect. when i get in the office, the doctor have me take off my clothes, and put on a gown type point while he was out of the room. when he came backbone, he told me to put my legs in the stirups. he put on gloves, and lubed his fingers up. he told me to relax, and stuck two of his fingers inside of me. i felt really embarressed, because I feel myself get wet, and as ashamed as i am to voice this, it felt good. he be feeling for my cervix, i think, and i could be aware of myself tighten up, and I didnt know if he would know that it was feeling suitable for me. anyway, after a few minutes, he stuck the metal rod in me to get a swab of something inside of me, and after pulled it out. he had to stick his fingers inside me one more time, and as he did this, i have a small orgasm, but i didnt make any noise or anything, but i get REALLY wet. i dont know if the doctor knew or not, but i am really embarressd

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First of adjectives the answer by Amber J is just simply wrong, inconsiderate, and down right rude Please in no track listen to her.

Now to you question. Don't be embarrassed you did nought wrong nor was it wrong for you to have have an orgasm while he did the exam. As mentioned you are 19 you are young and likely still exploring your body and finding out what you can and can't do beside your body.

You were simply nervous and experiencing a brand new situation where you had credible been so anxious about for the together night before and that hours of daylight. Strange things happen when your body is tense and not relaxed.

Also you are expected new to the experience of a man touching you, regardless of whether it's a doctor doing an exam or a boyfriend or husband intimately touching you, the touches would likely surface arousing. It's also very good that you didn't touch pain during the exam. This could indicate that your OB/GYN is actually reasonably talented and you might consider keeping him or her as a doctor.

Now you doctor likely feel that you became aroused during the exam but again it's nothing for you to become worried roughly speaking. He or She has gone through many years of medical college and learned all just about how your body works and believe it or not has probably had it occur to another patient as well. Doctors see greatly of things all of which are all slice of their job and don't phase them at all.

I do want to say aloud one thing. If the doctor was a mannish and did not have a female nurse within the room with you during the exam it could be cause for concern. Also if it feel like the doctor was inappropriately touching you. You should now report the doctor to another doctor at the same clinic. But it doesn't sound approaching that happened at all.

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Thats awkward to hear. I've have many pap smears since i'm pregnant and it's always be so uncomfortable to me. I don't even think give or take a few it feeling good. The answer to your cross-examine a doctor can tell when you have an orgasm because they can be aware of your muscles squeezing together & they notice how wet you seize.

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He probably didn't know and I bet other people have have little orgasms during a pap smear before. He has probably have that happen many times. Don't verbs about it.

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This guy is a perv, I have have many pap smears and the Dr has NEVER touched me approaching that! There is absolutely no reason for him to put his fingers within you. Report him!

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Yeah, it is pretty normal actually. Stimulation of that nouns (even if it's not sexual) causes it to get showery.

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of course he could tell, hes a doctor.. and who care im sure you arent the first person this has happen to

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Welcome to your age of sexuality.

Yes it happened cause it feel good. In time you will learn to not recognise the procedure as a sexual moment and you will eventually stop getting aroused. This happen as we get older and become more sexually helpful.

It's only a problem if it becomes a sexual a story or arouses you every time you think about it.

I wouldn't stress for immediately. you can always talk to a Doctor or a counsellor going on for it. If your really worried about it, ask for a female Doctor subsequent time.

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Actually if any stimulation or having something done inside you it's possible to get raining (similar to babies who try to nurse and the nipples just get rugged even though you are not excieted) it can happen. I've heard of women have an orgasm when being raped and they couldn't control having an orgasm even though they didn't close to being raped. I would ask yourself if you thought he was right looking or if you would have had one and the same feeling if it was done by a feminine or unattractive guy. Do you think that could hold had a different outcome or do you think it be just the exam itself? If you just have it happen and didn't even think roughly attraction then I think for myself I would have a feeling more worse if it was a woman doing the exam. I've never felt comfortable beside female dr's and for me the men have be better and more gentle. I think for me and other friends who own talked to me they have said they enjoy had better luck with males surrounded by general since the males don't know how we feel and they tend to be more kind because of that. In any case you should feel comfortable chitchat to your dr. male or female just about your health. If you can't feel comfortable chitchat to the dr. about your health next I would find someone else or maybe give it some time. I chew over it was probably normal though. It have never happened to me. I've had 3 kids, a hysterectomy, and a cystoscopy (tube up within the bladder). The urologist does the cystoscopy. Both dr's are considered good looking but I've never had an orgasm during an exam. I found one to be fundamentally attractive (some friends who have seen his picture hold said wow) but after awhile I got to the point of not letting it get to me and since I know looks are individual skin deep, what matters most is how he/she treats you as a tolerant. Both of my dr's have done above and beyond what I expected them to do for me and treated me well.

I come back to edit my post to articulate I completely agree what Randy said after me. If there wasn't a nurse in the room next you should not let any male dr. examine you alone. You can other ask. Great answer Randy!

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This is very strange and NOT at all ordinary! I have had vaginal exams done abundant times before and I was far from one turned on by them! They are very uncomfortable and humiliating, to vote the least. Not to be rude, but maybe you should budge talk to someone about this nonstandard behavior. Maybe you have some weird sexual turn-ons or something resembling that. It wouldn't hurt to consult with a professional about this. It might do you some pious to get it off your chest.

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