Orgasm abet, it take alot for me to walk.

so me and my bf have been have sex for about 2 weeks now. and ive with the sole purpose had one orgasm. it takes a while for me to walk so he always beats me to it.. wat can we do to try to variety me go faster, any suggestions would be great thanks!

Answers:    It usually does filch women a little more time, so more foreplay, you having an orgasm previously through oral, manual or toy stimulation.

you could work your self up mental early on surrounded by the day also you could stimulate yourself some, I'm sure you know how too do that. Let him give you more oral or even finger you longer, a virtuous back rub would do you wonders I'm sure with some babe oil. Tell how you want it and are you sure that you had an O? When you have one for sure it wil be out of this world. wow finally you understand me, i know i barely have an orgasm with my bf b/c he always come first. well i suggest he get you horny up to that time he penetrates you.
Make sure you are stimulating the clitoris, as that is how a woman orgasms- not through just permeation. just let him do things beside you, tell him what you like and what make you feel good, rubbin the clit really really help.
foreplay. have him perform oral or finger you earlier you start

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