No-one (other than myself- and believe me, it's HARD to do) has made me orgasm! Not from sex, not from oral, not from anything! My boyfriend knows it isn't my glitch n doesn't blame me or anything, but I WANT TO HAVE ONE! lol
We have sex pretty often, and if feel really good, but i just can't orgasm!
I'm lone young, n yeh yeh i know that "a lot of women don't get their sexual peak til about their 30's". ably that's what i've heard anyway... but i just looked-for to know how easy it is for some of you girls?
Do you think there's any source why i can't make it happen?


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The gloomy fact is only roughly 10-20 percent of women can achieve an orgasm through intercourse (a non-clitoral orgasm, that is). However, something that may make it easier is if you are higher than him, the rubbing of your clitoris on his pelvic bone can give you an orgasm. Also, you may try a vibrating penis ring. It slides down to the groundwork of his penis and the vibration on your clitoris is almost sure to give you an orgasm.

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Could be you hold gotten used to the way you masturbate and now nil else will do. Stop giving yourself one for awhile and see what happens.

You also have to relax and allow your partner to hold that 'control' over you in the moment and it's hard for some to do that.

Have you tried individual on top and reaching your hand down between your bodies and making it happen during sex?

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I hade one and the same problem with my g/f. It would be like HOURS and she would take close but nothing. It really was a mental piece because as she became more comfortable with me it eventually happen. Now I can give her one in close to 4 minutes. Good for those "Im horney but really tired"

Hang in there.

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Most women are resembling us. I have great sex,and often orgasm through oral,but I own still yet to achieve one through intercourse. Ive gotten really close within certain positions such as doggy and spooning,but its just hasn't happen yet! I know it will. Keep trying girl,you'll get one.

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Just a suggestion: try concentrating on giving pleasure to your boyfriend. Forget going on for yourself. At times it's easier to find when you don't seek.
Besides, when both concentrate on giving, both end up sure of have recieved much more than they gave.

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For starters you need to concentrate on how your thought at the time and then use your muscles to enhance that feeling. Read some books on it that can also lend a hand you.

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