On Average At what age is a Girls Body primed for sexual intercourse?

I know every ones body is different but On Average At what age is a Girls Body ready for sexual intercourse?kids are having sex so childlike these days as young as 12 years frail,but when is a girl really ready for sex as far as her body goes?

Answers:    technically a girl is prepared for intercourse once she goes through puberty, but for some girls this is as young as 10 or 11, and 99% of society will relate you that is still a child and not ready. nearby is a reason why there is an age of consent within most states (usually 16) and the repercussions of having sex too early are physical as capably as emotional. over 75% of girls who had sex up to that time the age of 18 wish they had wait longer...so really think about these things earlier you have sex. with mature priveleges come adult consequences. .
Technically, girls are ready for sex when they hit puberty. If you study history, you'll find that surrounded by a lot of cultures, girls were expected to be married sour by 14 and having plenty of offspring next to smelly old men.

Of course, nowadays we own that "emotional" factor of when a girl is really "ready," and it is not recommended that girls own sex and get married before they're of age..
Technically the girl's body is prepared for sex when she is able to conceive. Therefore when she has her first term.

However, in today's society, I don't think she is equipped mentally..
FIVE years old.



Lina Medina gave birth at five years of age.

Well, smoothly, after they get their period. But, surrounded by this day and age, you should wait until your an developed.

hope it helped!

It varies because not every feminine develops at the same time. A female should not own sex until she is mentally ready.
I don't know,, but I think it's when they first receive their period. Hormones start kicking in and I chew over they get more curious and they want to experience things..
The day she officially gets married, she is ready. I own 4 daughters, when the boy can outrun a bullet he can ask my husband that question and see what reply he gets.
It differs from girl to girl, but conceivably 15, 16? Not that I recommend it that young ahah I would say 16.

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