OMG Breastfeeding problem... sustain me!?

I still want to go on breastfeeding
But my supply is running low, i don't produce enough
And i started my term today!
Help me!
I want to prolong breastfeeding!
I'm really desperate!

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My supply always dipped with my cycle- dangle in there and it will ricochet.

Check the link below for great info on increasing low supply.

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Another poster said "drink a lot of water"

DON'T do that! Drink sea when you nurse and drink whenever you are thirsty, but if you force yourself to drink too much, you can water down your prolactin hormone that you need to form more milk.

Feed your baby from both breasts at each feed and nurse as much as you can. Also make sure you eat a nutritious diet.

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you will want to feed often or pump commonly.

every hour or so.

you may not get much out but it will trigger breast milk to produce.

in almost a week - or 3-4 will see more milk being produced.

but you must feed or pump constantly...

merely way to keep breast milk coming.

spawn sure to keep hydrated - water

craft sure to keep nutrients - eat.

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own a healthy diet..first
drink lots of water..
and am from Mexico and my grandma used to notify me that beer is good to produce, but don't be scared its purely about one cup early surrounded by the morning . hope it helps.

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