Okay yesterday i took the abortion pill i threw up similar to 15 min after ?

after i threw up i asked the nurse if it was okay they said yeah but i think i threw it up and if i bear the ones today to open my cervix will it come out?

Answers:    im not even going to say.
do you even enjoy an idea what you just did?
you only killed a beautiful child that be going
to come into the world.
now itll never be, all because of you.

but yeah, i guess culture do throw up after killing
a child. you make me sick.

& stephanie s.
you should really shut up
as to what you said about the first poster.
i guess your just as much of a cold hearted
tot murder as the asker. :).
If the nurse said it was okay, then you should be alright but if you aren't sure afterwards call and ask if you can speak directly to the doctor.

Don't listen to the first poster - I'm sure she's got PLENTY of reason to be judged.

Good luck, honey!.
Remember though, taking the morning after pill, it can only be done inwardly 72 hours, any later and it wont be effective. If its be past three days, go to the doctor and arrange for an abortion. If the nurse said it be okay, then I wouldnt worry too much. But if you are really concerned I'd want a second opinion from someone. Sorry I couldnt help more.

Good Luck.
thats what happen when you kill an unborn child

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