Okay my breast length is 35 inches can some one explain to me by bra sixe

because i think im wearing the wrong size,plz help

Answers:    Measure beneath your breasts and at the fullest cut of your breasts. The inch different between the two will let you know. It sounds like you may be an A cup..
You truly need two measurements.

The first one is under your breasts (where the bottom strip of your bra would go around) and that is you number. So vote you were a 34 inches.

Then measure over the fullest element of your breast. Say that measurement is 36 inches, For every inch over your band size you jump up one cup size. So you would be 2 inches= B cup.
1 inch=A, 2 inch=b, 3 inch=C ect.

So the proper bra size would be a 34B

You actually want your bra to be snug for support but you don't want your breasts to overflow. Make sure you tighten up the shoulder straps too. When getting a bra, make sure it fits on the outermost set of hooks on the leash. Your bra will stretch over time, so you can use the inner sets when this happens.
Hope this helps.
in good health i'm not sure what you mean but you measure around from right beneath your breasts and add five to that number and it should be your size and if it is odd you should step up a size
but a size lower on tightest might work too

then for cup size you measure the fullest sector of your breasts and subtract the original number from the previous measurement in need the added five

so then you can find a chart online of what each cup size is
for example a C is going on for 3.5 - 4.5".
your are probably a 36. To get the cup size you are supposed to measure the nouns just below your breasts. subtract that from the measurement around your breasts. The number tell your cup as follows...


and so furth..
go to a department store like JCPENNY or DILLARDS they can whip your mesurements and then you will know. I was wereing the wrong size for years i would win a 36 c but i should have been getting a 36 dd i antipathy that. Get a bra size 36 (you'll have to try on a 36 A cup, B cup, and C cup size to see which cup fits) but the 36 should fit you.

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