Oh the joy of anyone a girl. Questions roughly HPV vaccines, PAP smears, and stuff.?

I don't have a mother to talk to more or less this stuff...so I want to know...

What are the pros and cons of the new HPV vaccine? I'm 19 and not sexually active and don't plan on becoming any time soon. I've also never be to a gyno or had a pap smear and I don't know when I need this. If I procure the shots does that mean I don't need to grasp a pap smear? When do you need your first one?

I've heard the shots hurt more than commonplace ones. Is this true?

Do you need a pap test if you're not sexually involved? Anything I need to know about going?

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Yes, getting a Pap is VERY key whether you are sexually active or not. The purpose of a Pap is not just to question paper for Std's. The exam will evaluate many different parts of your female system. It is recommended that girls see a gyno around 18, so I cogitate it is time to make an appointment. Find someone you are comfortable talking to, because you have need of to be honest and thorough. The exam itself really isn't that bad. The speculum can be a bit uncomfortable, but mortal relaxed is the most important part, which in attendance again is a good reason to find a doctor you approaching. If you are not sexually active, than you can not contract HPV. If you use condoms, then you are also protected from it. If you don't plan on person active any time soon, I would put off have the injections. Yes, the shots hurt more than a normal shot, and the area remains sore for a few days. It is a exceptionally beneficial vaccine and I have alot of friends that are doing it. I know it feels approaching something that would never happen to you, but just this week I have a very close friend be diagnosed with cervical cancer from HPV and it be a huge wake up call. It is exceptional, but it is a good idea none the smaller number. However, if you are not exposed to it then there is no requirement to be protected from it right now. And again, even if you get the shot, you NEED a pap. The pap examines and test you for many things besides HPV, some things that occur minus sexual activity. Get checked out. It is for your benefit. Ask the doctor for more details about the vaccine and see if it's right for you right very soon. Best wishes.

EDIT: no, paps and exams do NOT hurt. the honest answer is it can be uncomfortable, not painful, merely uncomfortable. there is a metal contraption pulling unfurl your vagina. it doesn't make you say "ouch", it freshly isn't a normal feeling, ya know? that's adjectives. it's really no big deal and isn't something to be afraid of. for most women, the most painful part of a set can be the pushing on the pelvis if you have a cyst or are tender. the pap isn't that bad at adjectives. no worries.

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As far as the vaccine goes, it is always a right idea to get it. Most citizens who have HPV do not know it. When you do become sexually active, you can gain it from your partner, but with the vaccine, you will be less probable to get it. As for when you should go to the obgyn... It is sage to go before you become sexually live. The vaccine does not have anything to do with a pap smear, but if you plan to shift in for the vaccine, it would make sense to shift ahead and have an exam.
The exam itself is quick and singular lasts about a minute. You will first be asked roughly your family history, and some general vigour questions as well as if you are sexually busy. Then the doctor will give you a gown and a sheet and leave the room. You will put the gown on backwards where on earth the front is open, and lay on the table with your foot in the stirrups and cover yourself with the sheet. After you hold settled, the doctor will come back in to do the exam. He/she will insert a speculum into your vagina, (it kinda looks approaching a metal duck beak). Try to relax, and take deep breaths. It may get the impression cold and slightly uncomfortable. The doctor will then stick a cotton swab inside of you and collect a indication of discharge to send to the lab. Then he/she will remove the speculum and insert 2 fingers into your vagina and place one hand on your lower tummy to check the position of your uterus and fallopian tubes. After the vaginal exam, he/she will do a breast exam similar to a self breast check that you would do at home, and if you request, you can recieve the hpv vaccine (which will be only one of a series). Dont worry. It is not nearly as fruitless as everyone makes it out to be. I am afraid of going to the doctor, but I made it through my first visit freshly fine and I am planning to make an appointment soon to go for my subsequent visit.


Yes, you will still need a pap smear even though you aren't sexually busy.

As to when to get the first pap smear it will depend on the doctor you go to. Sometimes a primary effort physician can do the pap smear if they are comfortable. The guideline is that the first pap smear be done at either age 18 or 21 (you can start now at age 19) or when you become sexually involved whichever comes first.

If you get the HPV vaccine it will not replace the need for a pap smear as the shot simply protects against 4 strains of HPV viruses, 2 that can cause cervical cancer and 2 that can impose genital warts.

As for what to know about getting your first pelvic exam and pap smear it is forgivable to be nervous but please try to relax as that can make you constricted making it harder for the doctor to do the exam.

When you go in for your annual exam and pap (whether it's a gyn or a primary supervision physician-if they are comfortable with it) they will have you undress for both top and bottom (the rationale for the top is so that they can check your breasts to make sure there are no abnormality there). Then you wait for the doctor to come in (all of this take place after they do your blood pressure and weight).

When the doctor comes in they will ask you some questions such as how you are notion that day. Then after that they will come to the table and move the gown on each side so that they can examine the breasts. After to be exact done you will put your feet up in the stirrups and scoot your bottom down so that it's stale the edge of the table (you won't fall).

They will then insert an instrument call a speculum that looks like the bill of a duck to open your vagina and shine a wispy so they can look inside. If they suspect that an infection is going on they will take samples of the vaginal secretion to do a culture which will after get sent to the lab for analysis to see if one is there. After to be precise done they will take a special instrument that is a brush or other similar instrument and hold some cells from the opening of your cervix. This will next get sent off to the lab for analysis to construct sure there is nothing out of the regular there. The results of this test depending on how swiftly the lab is will come back in roughly speaking 1-2 weeks.

After the pap smear is done the doctor will then take one appendage and insert it in to the vagina (or if they are using a small speculum because the hymen hasnt broken yet they will use their fingers instead) to be aware of around for the shape and size of the uterus and ovaries. They are checking to make sure nothing is irregular when it comes to shape and size of the uterus and ovaries. Then with that one hand still inside they will steal their free hand and place that on top of your belly to do what is called a bimanual exam. With that free hand on top they will after press down. They are checking for other possibile abnormalities such as masses from a different angle.

After i.e. done they will have you get dressed and if they find something come final to let you know what was found and if medication is needed for something they found right in that during the exam or if you have to go on the pill at that time (just an example).

If you hold other questions please feel free to e-mail or IM me sour site any time.


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