Obsession With Love, Sex, and Pregnancy Problem.

Hello. I need your help. You see, here's the business. For a month now, I've been non-stop, thinking going on for love. Now, I mean. It's not just sex. It's love, love, and after sex. I want love. And all I think roughly is making love passionetly. Ok, so a lot of it is sex, but it's not JUST sex. And it's just simply sex, it's making love. This is becoming an fashion. I wake up, and imagin myself waking up to a man that I;ve of late slept with. I take a shower and predict how it would be like to have intercourse surrounded by the shower, with the water hitting on my and slipping down our bodys. I gain out and have breakfast, and then consider my husband/love making breakfast for me. i go to the computer and begin writing how I want my first time to be: Slow, Passionate, full of power and love, full of my man worshiping my body. And me worshiping his. To me sex is close to a ritual or something. Like, I am special and he is to. It's..I have no idea what is going one next to me. I go to bed and before that I swear, I can perceive his hands moving down my thighs and his mouth on my cheek. Now all this sex is entering my dreams, and specifically not good. I'll start moaning in my sleep and I don't want my own flesh and blood to hear that. That's...what you would call.EMBARESSING!

Also, I've been thinking roughly speaking kids latley. I'm not having any, anytime soon. But I will want some in the adjectives and latley all I can think almost is either love, or pregnancy. It's like, I sit down and want to write someting and adjectives I want to do is plan for a baby. How to parent it, how to love it, what to buy it, what gender I want, what term I want. It's beyond just, "Imagining it." It's seriously planning to do it, but I can't now. I'm singular fifteen. I don't want kids until I'm 28.

I am not in a relationship. I've never been contained by a relationship. I've never been kissed. What's going on with me?

God Bless.

Answers:    this is a short time strange. youve never been kissed and youre already thinking about adjectives of this? BTW thats a very nice description of how you want your first time, but no first times are that glorious and unless you and a man are very strongly in love, you probably wont have sex similar to that. I think you just know what you want and that can be a well brought-up thing. but dont rush anything. you will grow up soon enough. :).
this is newly your hormones and reproductive system telling you it's time to start looking into reproducing well u probably won't give somebody a lift my advice cause im in recent times 12.but i would say don't worry going on for it,my sister is like that too and she's completely driving me crazy.it's just a phaze.but you necessitate to get out there and kiss someone already! even I enjoy been kissed!

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