My period overdue!! I'm worried and anxious plz plz help out :(?

ok so im 13 and i had my 1st period around 11 yrs feeble, and lately i havnt been having it, similar to its been at least 2 months but it might hold been longer. iv never had sex b4, but i cant tell 2 my parents because they would think diffrent things. i cant go 2 the doctor because i own no one 2 take me and im so so so anxious plz help!

Answers:    im in matching exact situation. periods are so irregular.. you have nil to worry about! im sure your mother would grasp! i no ur scared, i was 2 but i asked my sister, my mom, my friend, my military camp counseler and they all have sed that it is completely majority!.
it happens.. when you every once in a while your interval will skip. if you have been stressing at adjectives it can get delayed. its 100% NORMAL!
soon it will get put money on on track. but if you miss it for more than 4-5 months.. you may want to go to a doctor and get it checked out.

i don't suggest it's bad. i have two friends who have the same problem. i think that you stipulation to tell your mom though because you should really go to the doctor. my friends did. they be hesitant at first but then they talk about it and went to the doctor and be so happy they did (they almost didn't). good luck! It take a couple of years for your period to develop a schedule you can follow. This is faultlessly normal and your period should come soon. If it have not shown is a couple of months, you might want to go to an OB/GYN for an exam..
my sister once had an infection witch acted resembling her period. so it could've just be that. and dont worry, it'll happen soon. plus it is nothing to look forward to. it is awful. feel free to email me at lauren(a) Dont verbs my friend lasts like 4 months minus getting her period and nothing happen.
once i skipped a month in mine. don't worry, it should come soon. :)
remember, no sex=no unsystematic of pregnancy!

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