My interval have be going for almost month pls serve?

ok so my period came prompt and everything but it has just not stopped it be unusually heavier at start and its still going almost 4wks later it keeps trying to stop at dark but comes back next daylight in arvo its not heavy anymore but im still have problems with it going away plus through the 4 wks there have been clotting. what is going on?

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There might be a small chance that you enjoy endometriosis. It's a common condition where tissue much similar to the pool liner of your uterus is overgrowing. It can grow around your ovaries and fallopian tubes, and cause prolonged and heavy period. I believe clotting is a sign too.

I would check with your doctor, especially if your period is longer than 4 weeks. He would probably prescribe birth control to regulate the bleeding and production of that tissue. Even if it's not endometriosis, he'd probably want you to be on birth control for those reason anyway.

In extremely worse cases, some women have had to endure a hysterectomy, or other form or surgery. Endometriosis is also genetic.

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I'm going thru that now. There's nothing you can really do except lurk to see your doctor. It sucks... I've had mine for a lot longer than you and I'm miserable and depressed right immediately. You're not alone!

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See your doctor.

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I think you should see your doctor..

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There's nothing anyone on here can do except to recommend that you see your doctor.which is what I am recommend.

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I copy them... see a doctor

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