Missed time...I be expecting my term second week, while I feel the symptoms of PMS I did not seize it..?

I had sex that week.doesn't sex usually bring on your period.especially when you are expecting it? I be hoping by the next day I would own it, but it has been a week immediately, and nothing :(

This is embarrasing but...?

I've never heard of sex bringing on your extent. I've heard that if you're close to the end of your pregnancy, sex can bring that on. Doesn't niggardly it may not be true.
The truth is, there are so many factor that affect our cycles. If you change one thing give or take a few your daily routine, add contained by stress and a new diet..bam - your period is stale a few days.
If you don't think you're pregnant, just chill out and destress. Your length should come shortly.

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It depends on how old you are but it might just be irregular period. If you still don't get it in a week I would steal a at home pregnancy test. If it is negetive don't worry just about it you probably just late or skipping a extent. If you miss two in a row take another pregnancy examination. Then I would go see a doctor after missing two. If you are pregnant go to a doctor.

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P.R.E.G.N.A.N.C.Y :D

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it could be your stressed and specifically what is delaing it or you could be pregent you may wont ot take a test and found out

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ohh man... progress to the doctor or do something!

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