Missed extent.same symptoms i run of the mill enjoy for PMS.abet?

Ok so heres the deal I am either 2 or 3 weeks unsettled..I havn't been putting anything to tell how normally I should ovulate.I havn't taken a test yet or anything fro pregnancy but I own been having my run of the mill symptoms that I am abuot to start. Bad *** headaches, white discharge, worse acne.a few other things too.but I ahve also herd that these are signs of pregnancy...
My boyfriend and I ALWAYS use a condom. We own condoms with spermicide and we use them correctly every time.
I have be stressing a little bit because of school and presently more because of all this so I am not sure if it is the stress. I have also be reading up on things about irregular period, which i know I enjoy, and am not sure about things like anovulation and adjectives that.
I need help here.
I be also wondering a lot about lower vertebrae pain and migranes being allied to something such as a slipped disc or spinal fluid leak. If you can help me near either problem PLEASE do.

I am going crazy with stress here

2 Questions on time?

it could be because you are so stressed! stress could end in a minor set back! i've missed my period previously and was safe beside sex took a test and was not pregnant i basically happen to miss my period for the month afterwards the next month i was vertebrae to having my period. have irregular periods is common but purely to be safe i mean if you want reassurance whip a test or go see your doctor but im sure you're fine you of late missed a period have the symptons purely not the period! i hope i helped a bit!

I haven't have my time of year for 3 months but near is no haphazard that i'm pregnant... whats wrong?

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How much does your time affect your consignment?
If i hold 72 hours to nick the plan b pills does that show 6 days??
  • Embaracing To Ask But I be wondering if you ladies enjoy have this come to pass up to that time
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