Missed a Period could it be due to stress and morning after pill?

My periods are usually regular but this month it has be different, i took the morning after pill just after my period have finished and i took it within 24 hours so it should have worked, but im over a week deferred, do you think it could be down to stress as i have not be sleeping well the last month as ably as not eating very very well and i have had a rework in career as okay do you think this could affect my periods?

Answers:    The morning after pill can absolutely cause a late time, this is quite common. However if it's be 5 weeks since you took it and no period, you could be pregnant. Have you taken a test but? If not I recommend you do, and keep testing until you obtain your period. But yes, stress can also delay a term. Good luck.

stress can affect your periods but I would recommend you do a test because the morning-after pill is just 90% effective.

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