Menstrual Cramps..go and get rid of them?

Is there any way in need meds to get rid of menstrual cramps or at least settle them down?! Please answer soon! THANKS!

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I other take extra strength tylanol it works for me. In my experience papmrin and midol dont work as well... if you hold having problems maybe see your doctor and possibly birth control or the shot will help with them
it worked for me

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Unfortunately I own never found a way except to take drugs. The solely trick that sometimes works for a bit for me is to sit down in a chair and double over, so you can put your arms around your knees, if that make sense. Seems to dull the pain for a bit for me. Hope it helps.

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try a heat pad on your lower back this might lessen the cramps for you

What caring of cold is this?


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Clothing, fatty.?
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