Menopause and Sexuality?

I am perimenopausal, and having hormonal issues which is causing me to not get the impression as sexual as I used to feel. I am into herbal and homeopathic medicines, and I am wondering what have helped others in this situation.

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Your husband or boy friend I am such a human being the husband and my wife finished her change in life span a couple of years ago almost any way will have to be informed into what is going to evolve to your body in the next year or so and you might be on the variety of un likable side it will pass
.. ..
And you will get mean acting not sexy nasty in what you articulate do an how you act to a man you are sexualy active beside
.. ..
If you are not in this situation sexualy with a man they you single have to cope with the nation around you and be concerened of what you will tell them sometimes
.. ..
I know speaking your mind is nice but be warry of what comes out before you imagine of it while you are in this state
.. ..
And the herbal treatment is FANTASTIC I forget (no I am not in the forgetfull time of life) what it be called but it worked wonders
.. ..
So don't worry it will overrun I hope ha ha ha a little hummor there and your go will become a lot different not having the 28 daytime mess any more
.. ..
Good luck and I hope this will help a little

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Menopause typically occur in a woman's late forties to impulsive fifties. It is a normal part of aging, mark the end of a woman's reproductive years.More information and remedies at

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