Menopause: A Man's Inquiry.

Although not my area of study, I hold a strong interest in women's biology as do a couple of close friends of mine. The quiz that arose earlier in conversation be this:

Does menopause cause a "strong" imbalance within hormonal activity, and if so, could this imbalance create a woman's voice to become deeper?

Before you are too harsh on me, please remember that I am highly untrained in the subject and simply would like to know more roughly it. Thank you for your time.

Answers:    Yes - it can since female hormones make a woman's voice complex and male hormones make a man's voice deeper. Here's a site to acquire some more information. Thanks for asking's a good piece..

The voice can become a bit deeper (nothing as drastic as when man's voice deepens during puberty), shakier and rougher. Unlike a man's voice change, it isn't a guaranteed process. Not everyone who hits menopause will see a transform in their voice.
Wow intresting question, I am also a man and I know it cause hormonal imbalances and lots of complications but about the deeper voice I am not sure.
But you guys are thinking too rugged.

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