Major mood swing... am i getting my time of year??

yesterday i was in the motor with my bro and he was singing(he REALLY sucks)) so i be laughing and we were having a right time.. then all of a sudden i get so mad not at him tho like i be mad for no reason. and i be being really bitchy. I'm 12,13 in 2 weeks and i receive lots of discharge does this mean i will be getting my period soon?

p.s sorry this be long

Answers:    In general, the puberty and the menstrual cycle are genetically and hormonally determined and different girls can have different nouns. In different countries periods are starting at 11-17 (depending on physical development, hormones, inheritance, country location, etc). It is very personal and pre-menstrual "signals" (strange discharges, breast tense, tummy pain, etc.) can come 1-2 days or 2-3 months or 11-12 months in mortgage. Some girls don’t have any pre-menstruation "signals". It depends how sensitive are you and how fast your hormones will step up. Just don't be stressed because stress itself could make a delay. Everything have it’s time.
Read everything abut first period and menstrual cycle in and within
Be Healthy and Happy!.
yeah could be your period coming - then again, it could of late be your hormones behaving like a youth! yaaaahhhhhhh.

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