Lost Sex Drive at 20??

I am only 20 years old and I enjoy completely lost my sex drive. Everything that used to turn me on, doesn't anymore. I've been totally sexual and normal until the concluding couple months- in which I haven't wanted to do a piece. I'm not on any medications at all, I'm not depressed, I'm not overweight or insecure, I enjoy an attractive boyfriend of over a year, and I have no idea what is wrong beside me.

Answers:    I'd recommend speaking to your doctor.

But also take a look at your lifestyle overall. Have you started a new exercise regimen? Are you below a lot of stress at work? Have you recently be ill? Do you have other things (money, kith and kin, pregnancy concerns) on your mind?

It could just be a hormonal dip or something. I sometimes alternate between periods of low sexual desire, and high-ranking.

Also, don't worry so much that things that used to turn you on don't anymore. It's possible that your tastes are shifting, and your turn-ons are maturing, it could just be that what used to be your fantasy is in a minute your reality, so it's not longer the turn-on it used to be.
Try to fantasize without limiting your mind to the things you used to fantasize going on for. You might find you start thinking about other things, and you may find some new turn ons.

The first article you need to do is figure out why your sex drive is low and try to comfort get it back. I be in your situation and it's not fun without anyone horny and feeling in the mood when needed. I also feel like my orgasms (if I would even get one) be really weak. Probably because of my sex drive.

However, I tried exercising and dieting but nothing seem to be working. I thought I was screwed. I then found something a short time ago as amazing as the vibrator.

My friend at work told me about this stuff she took to raise her sex drive. It be a natural herbal supplement and was I lucky to of found it. Theres no side effects and the sex drive is a short time ago tremendous along with orgasms that are blasting. The stuff is called Hersolution pills. At the time I save money on them at herenhancement.com

What I did was tried out for 3 months and that was really it. I found taking them every other afternoon or so was the best to stretch it out. After the months were up, I be back to normal near a beating sex drive and my orgasm strength in increased so much.

Well moral luck and I hope this helps..
Maybe youre just tired of impossible to tell apart old stuff. Maybe you and your boyfriend could get one of those fickle magazines or a website that has a page more or less new stuff you could do to excite your sex life. (Such as things you could wear or things you could do to respectively other that youd never tried before.) And if that doesn't work maybe you could only just talk to a professional about it. Could be stuff on your mind that's keeping you from person..well..horny... (for lack of a better word lol) Maybe you obligation to try some new things in the bedroom next to your man, movies, toys, role playing..lol I went through something simular, but mine was hormonal. Maybe I am human being a little too nosy but one article you might ask yourself also, are you in love still? Talk to your man about what your premonition and maybe ask him to take somewhat more time and spend it on you! Good luck!!.
It could be that you are going through some problems that you do not want to admit, as with women sex is more mental and ardent than physical. I would say you should try and reevaluate yourself right now and find out where on earth the problem lies. i had the same problem...still do im just 19 but i still have sex and such with my fiance. hold you had anything happen? i guess i just lost my sex drive after being raped beside the stress and trauma and such...if youre really worried id talk to a doctor.
Something have got to be troubling you lately...you have to examine your life span carefully and then see what to do more or less it.

If not, then you have to see your doctor, as in attendance might be some kind of hormonal imbalance that you are not aware of..
im the exact same.. try thinking of things that really turn you on or a pretend or sumthing if you have one to get you surrounded by the mood??! it helps me! Try taking DHEA, my dr recommeded it to me for the same apology after my i gave birth to my daughter. I am 23..
this is gonna sound weiird but sometimes at a certian stage contained by a womans life they are now longer competent to feel the anticapaiton of the thrills that sex brings and maybe masturbation will sustain Sudden loss of libido could mean something, or it could be nothing. Your body might be react to some major change that happen. See a doctor and address your concerns if you can..
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