Let me be more clearer,my wife have already have tubal ligation after going thru the throbbing of 4children,i hv none

b4even tho i was married b4.this question of children we cdnt capture an answer b4 we got married so we both love each other so much we departed this question 4the later stage,may be we cd find a solution after the matrimony.i really love her more than anything else in this world and there is no track am going to leave coze of the children so plz i need to convince her to hv an ivf beside me at least 1 kid so plz help me and make a contribution me an idea?

Answers:    This is an issue that should have be discussed prior to the marriage taking place. Additionally, when you married her, you permitted her children as your own therefore you have 4 children as economically. If she does not wish to go through child birth again, you should respect her wishes as I am sure this be not a quick decision, but a extremely well though out one. Although I am starting to believe that the decision of discussing children at a after that date was not very resourcefully thoght out. You should talk to your wife and come to a mutual decision that will benefit your nuptials and not just your desire to have another child if she does not share that same desire. And yes, subsequent time, please type so that people can understand and not enjoy to try to figure out what you mean...
It is complicated to understand your question. Maybe you could write within complete words and sentences.

If your wife had her tubes tied, it is obvious that she doesn't want to enjoy any more children. You shouldn't try to pressure her into it, because she will eventually start to resent you. Don't try to make her do something she doesn't want to do; the litigation obviously funds she has her mind made up..
If you really love her you should respect her decision that she doesn't want to walk through another pregnancy. Also if she's already at four kids, that means that she's probably a little elder, and after 40 or so the risk of defects in a babe rises. I would just ask her down the line once you two draw from settled into your new life in the order of it. If she still says no, forget about it. Or possibly consider adoption, that way she doesn't have to turn through the pregnancy. Please rewrite your question with proper sentence structure. I can't understand a word you just said..

And swot up how to type in English please..
can you rewrite this question within english?

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