Last time of year be 5 days deferred due to stress, when will i procure my subsequent?

i was supposed to get my extent on March 27th last month, but instead i got it on April 1st.

very soon it is April 21st, and i have been have brownish discharge all day. And at one point, a bit of physical period red blood. (not enough to be interval like leaking, but ample to stain underwear)

could this be my period for the month, coming early this time? ovulation bleeding? i'm pretty sure pregnancy is not the baggage here.

Females ONLY! Please HELP!!?

28 days from one period to another would be the textbook average, but this isn't always a textbook world, but don't be surprised if it doesn't start until the 28th.

About my spell, what could this denote?

Who know, it could be any of those or none of those.
I would suggest either buying a pregnancy test (if you are sexually helpful, of course) or else just waiting it out. Sometime period are irregular.
I suggest getting on birth control. Even if your not sexually active, it regulates your period and you will not own to worry about "why am i getting my time of year?!" or "when will my period come" ever again.

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