Laser down removal near PCOS?

i am considering laser hair removal on my face, but i am simply 19 and have got PCOS due to the hormone disparity will the hair just regrow after a couple of years?, or is near any other solutions? any advice please

Answers:    Usually the treatment causes 1 to 3 hours and desires a repeated treatment every 6 months or 12 months until the whole hair follicle get damaged. Repeated treatment is needed as some hair follicle take escaped. So how many times depends on the machine, the human being doing the treatment and finally the body nature of yours. A treatment session may cost $400 to $3000 and more according to the area and clinical charges

My personal counsel is to check for the natural ways of hair removal.Hair removal can be of two methods one is epilation and second is depilation First one removes down entirely and the second one removes the hair thats above the surface of the skin. If you want to remove hair for always or for a long time, you have to choose the first option. Epilation methods are

Waxing ( Sugaring )
Intense pulsed desk light

More information can be found on how to remove hair from the above methods on
.Depilation methods are also mentioned there
here is always the possibility for regrowth (not the same hair, but new hairs) even if you don't have PCOS, but I believe they recommend you walk to your doctor and have him start you on medication to treat the PCOS (such as metaformin.. may even be things for the hair issue that I am not aware of... possibly Vanique) and then when you go surrounded by for hair removal you will have more nouns. However it may still not get everything, but reduced growth is still better than staying exactly the same as it is in a minute. You just may have to periodically stir in for a touch up.

I probably have PCOS (haven't gone to find out yet). Laser removal reduced it to the point that I can in recent times pluck the ones that are leftover. I periodically go spinal column in for touch ups though in the hope of getting it adjectives. However, I suspect it would be better if i went in and get treated for PCOS. At least that is what I've read online.


Well getting treated for PCOS won't sort existing hair go away but it could maintain new hairs from forming and would assist the laser hair removal be more successful in that you might not own new hair come within after the treatments.

I would definitely recommend doing it. There is no reason to live next to the excess hair. Even just have it reduced is nice. Mine is at the level that it can no longer be noticed by other population including my husband. I am the only one who notices the strays that I still pluck. I can't believe I lived next to it for over 10 years before doing something..
With laser hair removal you enjoy a few treatments and the hair is not suppose to grow back ever!

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