Ladies .. Why is it, that when I am on my menstrual cycle I draw from totally strong headache, fatigue ??

I am suffering real bad right very soon with a pounding headache right above my eye. please help next to advice. Thanks alot for ur help!

Answers:    Those are menstrual migraines. Google "menstrual migraines" for more information. They're cause by the changes in hormones that come about during your cycle. Estrogen and progesterone are lowest while you are bleeding. You can get meds to treat the migraine, if you want..
I get duplicate thing. It turns out that I am sensitive to the hormones that are released DURING my period to some extent than before. I would get blinding migraines and nausea during my period. I was taking Imitrex pretty often to promise with the pain. My doctor opt to go with continuous birth control so I help yourself to pills for 3 months and then have a interval. So far so good. I haven't had a migraine within 5 weeks. The real test will be surrounded by 7 weeks when I have a period. She said it shouldn't be nearly as bleak.

You may want to talk about birth control next to your doctor..
I get them too. Also can't sleep good and carry more depressed. I'd think about going to your doctor so he can examine you and see what's going on beside your body. Maybe he can prescribe something or recommend something. Good luck! There is nothing you can do .Its just the curse of man a lady.

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