Ladies, what are your menstrual cramps resembling?

I've been having horrible (as within worse than ever, link at the bottom if you want to know what I deal with) cramping for olden times few months and I'm curious as to what other women's cramps are like. So tell me...what are yours approaching? And on a scale of 1-10 (ten being the worst), what would you rate them?;...

Answers:    The first three days I would enunciate anywhere from a 6-10. Then over the next fews day of my length they usually die down. I usually take a lot of advil, midol, or other drugs until the agony goes away. If that doesn't work a bath or melt milk sometimes helps..
My cramps vary depending on my flow.

If it's cloying, then they are certainly an 8 or a 9.

If it's neutral, then it's probably a 2 or none at all.

If you call for advice on what to do for cramps, try taking Ibuprofen or Midol for the first two days. A heating pillow point also helps relax the muscles that cause cramps..
sometimes near 9 and i cant stand up and sometimes there 2 and i just run on with my life. my friend have really bad cramps so she had to run to the doctor and get birth control tablets to make them smaller quantity painful..maybe you should move about to your doctor and see if you need them. or try excercising go for a stride, put a hot bag on your stomach, hot tea works for me, avoid bread and high roughage foods like that, yoga.
i hope this helps :) My cramps are 11(ik 10 be the highest). My cramps are really bad, so bad that ive have to go to the ER. I also have really discouraging IBS so when i get cramps i also get stomach cramps from my bowels and horrible hindmost pain..
Mine are really bad the first year it would be an 8. But after that I am fine.

can you help me??;....
for the first 4-5 days my cramps are about a 9-10..but after that it go to bout a 6 an i get cramps for about 8 days and my period last bout 10-12 sometimes they are like a 7 or 8 but merely for the 1st few days

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