Ladies: Endometriosis?

I was just told by my gyno that I might enjoy endometriosis and that the only way to really diagnose it is if they cut a small incision surrounded by my naval and go inside. For those of you who have it, what did / do you do for it? Is it worth mortal cut open?

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Yes, I had my surgery almost 3 years ago and it is conspicuously worth it. Endometriosis is still such a mysterious disease, and unfortunately right now this is the one and only means of diagnosing it for certain. The surgery itself is really not that big of a concordat. I went home the same year, felt pretty much all better inwardly 3 days, and the wounds were almost healed in a week. It is a very routine procedure, it just sucks that it is for diagnostic reason. If the endometriosis is severe, they may burn it out, which for some women has been their best form of nouns. I went on a 6 month course of Lupron injections after I was diagnosed, which worked greatly well, and have be on hormones therapies ever since. Sometimes I still consider having them be in motion back in and burn it out, because when mine flares up it can be pretty doomed to failure. The decision is really up to you. I would consider how much it is effecting your life at this point. If you are have lots of pain and miserable periods, than I markedly think it's worth it. The other benefit is that while they are in at hand, they have a great view of the pelvis, and they can see if at hand is anything else wrong that may be causing you pain. I be very pleased with my surgery and be glad to finally have an answer. My scars are truly hardly even visible anymore if that is a concern of yours. I would be relieved to answer any other questions you have. Best wishes.

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Doctors influence I have the same entity, and no I wasn't cut into. I just get horrible cramping, and no situation what I do nothing relieves the pain. If you run get cut into, it won't be much of a cut, more like a moment or two tiny hole. You won't have much if not at adjectives a scar.

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