Ketones and breastfeeding?

I'm losing weight really quick, as I am doing moderate aerobics and walking five night a week.(Plus breastfeeding) However, I am losing weight very immediately. I am eating three meals a time, no fast food, no junk food or anything unnatural or processed. No sweets any except for juice. I weighed myself yesterday morning, I weigh 191. This morning I weighed 188. Now, I have hear that if I lose more than one pound a week, I am producing Ketones that will harm the baby's development. How much cargo did you lose while nursing?? What gives?

What does it expect when a girl keep grab u (butt, boobs, lower areas)?

Your fine! you have plentifully of changes after a baby.. Lots of marine weight. Baby eating more. If your really worried cut pay for a little on the walking. My husband is a nurse, He says your fine to.


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What do you hail as your breasts?
What be this?
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  • Please comfort me.

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