I've be have to jump to the bathroom every hour ?

but i hold it for 2 hours.i'm only 14(not pregnant{virgin}).like i a short time ago peed 15 minutes ago and now i feel my bladder becuming full again.and its not resembling a few drops of pee.its kinda like alot.should i have my mom steal me to the doctors?becuz i'm go to a theme park subsequent week and i dont wanna have to use the bathroom every hour.do you think i enjoy an infection.should i still go to the theme park around 80 miles away?or stay home.i dont really ride coasters that much anyways.

Answers:    Don't worry. Peeing is good. Things catch bad when you cannot. .
maybe u hold an infection or at one point and time you held it to long now you cant hold so long its possible u have an infection but a moment ago to make sure you should go for a checkup because if u hold an infection or something else is wrong u dont wanna waste time to see if it gets severe i would suggest that u drink lots of fluids cuz it may abet this problem could be caused by many reason it could just be a lack of drinking fluids Okay resourcefully i had the same problem, i go to the Doctor and he said i had one of three things. One a small bladder, a lot of girls bring small bladders the best thing to do is to just try not to shift. Two you are starting your period, that i do not need to explain. Three or you could hold this kind of sickness, which can easily be cured. I would uncooperatively say you should go to the doctor. .
I estimate you're fine. People have different irregular bladder patterns... You could a short time ago be drinking a lot of beverages?

Another more serious condition that comes along with peeing profoundly, is diabetes. While I wouldn't jump to conclusions, maybe you should maintain an eye on your bladder patterns for a while.

best of luck<3.
if you drink alot water you might have need of to slow down a bit on it. but if you dont drink alot of fluids you might have an infection. also if it has be going on for longer than a few weeks you might just have a solid small bladder. go to the doctor cuz my sis was approaching that and see ended up having the worst type of diabetes and peein alot is a symptom of that.
Good to see a doc, sometimes increased urinary frequency can be a sign of a minor urinary tract infection. A doctor have a dipstick test that can easily amount that out. diabetes? Don't panic, but i know that one of the symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination, often accompany by fatigue...
maybe you should get yourself checked out.
peeing regularly could be a sign of bladder or kidney infection or even diabetes...definately go to the doctor..tel your mom right away. Hope everything is ok Sounds like you're drinking lots of H2O!! If you own a funny feeling you need to see ur doctor dance ahead. Hope you're well nonetheless..
Go to the doctor. You may have an infection or diabetes. You should be checked out asap I come up with you should go to the doctor. But dont worry its probably not a big operation..
maybe u just own a small bladder There is no need to panic unless you are within pain or experiencing debilitating symptoms.

As you are plainly not pregnant, there is a chance that you may enjoy a bladder infection. I would go visit your doctor and enjoy them run a urinalysis just to be sure.

If you do have an infection, which is not an unusual occurrence, there are medication which can be prescribed to get rid of it.

Frequent urination means need to urinate more often than usual. Urgent urination is a sudden, compelling urge to urinate, along with discomfort surrounded by your bladder.

A frequent need to urinate at night is call nocturia. Most people can sleep for 6 to 8 hours without have to urinate.

Together, frequent and urgent urination are classic signs of a urinary tract infection. Since inflammation reduces the bladder's capacity to hold urine, even small amounts of urine mete out discomfort.

Diabetes and pregnancy are other common causes of these symptoms.

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