Iud paragard and partner cross-question

i have the paragard iud birth control (the one they insert inside of you and it works for 10 years) and i was a moment ago wondering does it matter if you have 2 guys "letting go" inside of you? excluding if you get pregnant you wont know who the dad is. is there anything that could come up since i have this device inside of me.

Answers:    You should NOT have multiple sex partner if you are using and IUD of any sort.

The reason being that every sexual partner increases the probability of STD exposure exponentially, and the strings on the IUD act as a conduit directly into your uterus (which in turn can raison d`¨ētre a life-threatening condition called PID).

If you're not going to be in a monogamous relationship after either have your IUD removed or use condoms or both.

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