Its my light of day sour, and my 3 boys are entreating me to pilfer them to the shoreline today, should we stir?

So Its my day off today at work, we adjectives just woke up (its 11am) and my kids are all prayerful me to go to the beach for the daylight. The only problem is, it is 36 degrees celsius today and it supposed to make up to 40 highest, all 3 of my boys (14,12 and 11 years old) enjoy all extremely fair skin and burn from the sun contained by seconds, and plus the water at the shoreline dries out their skin worse then salt on a slug.Should I legend them or another time?

Answers:    Another time won't change their skin condition. Make sure their skin is covered with an SPF of at most minuscule 30 and have them apply it often. Have fun. School is just about to start and your boys won't be boys forever. No one ever went to their grave wondering what one more year at the office would have be like..
i think u should tkae them. simply birng A LOT of sublock, tell them they had better put it on anything..
and youll hav a great time, you can do some really fun things WITH them or you can invie one of YOUR frineds too,k so theyll hang otu in the marine while you and her chill out on the sand and tan.. for sure. Load them up with sunscreen. The spray humane is quick and easy. It doesn't business what the temp is! When it's cold at the beach the tidepools are out and its beautiful. And when it's hot the hose will feel sooo good.

It's your light of day off too spend with your boys, do something fun!=].
I guess that you should sit for ten minutes, close your eyes and imagine the travel and other things like food, drink after ten minutes of planning it may not touch so much of a chore and u can relax and have a good time, I desire I was a mum, medicly I cannot but i have a great respect for mothers that ask foir proposal instead of the ones who ignore all, suitable luck! yeah take them for a little while, but brand sure they have a high spf on and hat, also make sure to take a sand umbrella for shade if they get too hot...make sure that don't go/ stay sheltered at the hottest time of day because they'll be at the most risk then...

hold fun :).
I think that you should take them. Kids requirement to get out of the house sometimes. Just don't stay all daytime long. Set a limit as to how long you will be out there because to much sun is bleak for the skin. Don't forget the sunscreen! If you are that worried about them burning then nick them to a indoor pool. But i would take them and if you do take them to a outdoor pool put lots of sunblock on them if you are worried. .
Interesting dilemma. I would probably embezzle them for a short amount of time and apply a decent amount of sunblock. They probably just want to spend a fun year at the beach with nearby mom. A little while couldn't hurt! Have fun! :-) i think you should spend a lil bit of time with them they really requirement it, but i don't think you should put this question surrounded by this section, you should had put it within family relationship, this is women heatlh.
Wait till the evening, assuming you have an evening somewhere it is 97 degrees going on 104! Suck it up! Get some SPF 30 or better sun block and get those boys out to the seaside. You might enjoy a little sunshine, too..
yes your kids want to spend time near you.and try to take them to the beach.except take them to the arcade ,putput somethin! You should get sour your lazy azz and go to the coast. Or you could beat you r boys and make them get through poop..
Enjoy it!

Make sure you put lots of sunscreen on them. Bring a sun umbrella. Lots of water. Let them have fun!

Moisturize their skin once you capture home..
Are you in america? Because Im in England and its almost partly past 7 at night so I be like "You just woke up?"
Anyway yes you should only give your boys some good suncream No, generate them do chores and earn the chance to go tomorrow..
It,s subsequently than you think,take adjectives these chances to be with your kids that you can survive,they never come round twice. Take them! it'll be fun! just make sure you use lots of sunscreen and when you're done, lately use lotion to moisturize their skin..
Yes. If you don't, 20 years from now, you will wish you have Sunblock works.. fahrenheit or celsius. Go for it..
they're kids! they prolly don't care too much- just foam sunscreen all over them
plus, the beach is verryyyy relazin :D Is is hot and is short and you've only got one shot at it up..
yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!... GO.
Yes no the landsharks will put away them! .
no, lay the law down!! Yes take them, of late put T-shirts and sun hats on and lather yourselves up within suncream! Enjoy it, you are lucky =].
yeah take them but just stay within the shade as much as possbile

this isnt really to do with womens health

hold them for sure, it's better than them sitting in and watching tv. go

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