Is this ovulation, or PMS?

I haven't been keeping track of my menstruation cycle because my partner was deployed overseas and I be not worried about getting pregnant. Well, he came rear and I think I might have be ovulating and we had unprotected sex several times over the span of four days. I do remember seeing sort of a creamy discharge after some of the times we had sex but I be not really paying attention. Also, I saw slight spotting-only after I wiped and it be light brown. It has also be about three weeks since my last interval, and my beasts were really tender. Whats the chance of getting pregnant?

Answers:    I would wait another week or so, if your period doesn't come when it is due travel and get a pregnancy test. Sometimes brown spotting can indicate pregnancy, but it can also indicate other things, e.g. a direct irritation of the cervix. It would probably be a apt idea to see your doctor if you are worried about it.

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