Is This Implantation Bleeding (I asked this contained by Pregnancy Boarrd also). ?

I took my first depo shot on April 3, 2008. I was due to receive another one on June 25, 2008 but I didn't go surrounded by to get the shot.

My husband and I have be having unprotected sex the entire time (even after I missed my second shot appointment).

My periods never stopped when I get the shot. I 've had one every month since I have gotten the shot. I purely had a period that be about two weeks late on July 29. 2008. It last for 11 days.

My husband and I had unprotected sex on the during my period and the final day of my period (remind you that my term lasted 11 days total).

Well this morning I was have really bad cramps. Then my husband initiated sex while we were still contained by bed. When I got up I saw blood and I've had night light spotting today. I haven't had any spotting since my period go off 3-4 days ago and this NEVER happens.

Could this be implantation bleeding since we did own sex during my period and the day after my spell?

Answers:    It is very unlikely that you will become pregnant while on ur period as you egg have already been released. You are most likely to become pregnant 14 days after the first daylight of ur period as thats when the average women ovulates.

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