Is this a stress or menstrual-related headache?

OK so here's the thing. I'm in college, not sexually alive, & extremely stressed out. I have been spotting on & rotten this past week & I've found a little bit of blood contained by my panties as well, I also had cramps just about 2 weeks ago, (last week included).

Right now, I have a headache & I've already eat. It is towards the back of my head on the other hand feels like a pre-period headache.

But I don't even know if I'm going to attain my period or not. Do you think I a moment ago skipped or will it come later?

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Stress can definately effect your period, and can bring all the symptoms you are describing and more. Try taking ibuprofen every 4 hours, and drinking plently of water. If you are not on the pill, skipping your time because of stress is much more likely to happen, as the pill usually keep your periods regular.

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