Is this a PMS?

ok i'm sour downthere and i was wondering if that's a sign i'm getting my first period.around the feminine area is sour and i don't know why.

I AM AVIRGIN!so don't bring sex up as a reason for the sourness.

In my hasty 20's and ive have sore breasts for 3 months?

signs you may be getting your first extent:
white goop
down there cramps
mood swings ( run for cover she's going to explode:P lol )
odd one - runny proboscis ( happened to me )
munchies ( eating even if your not hungry - freshly bcuz you feel like it also happen to me..)
temporary weight gain ( 2-5 pounds )
need to urinate a lot
drinking a lot of wet
bruising easily ( lol me again..i think you saw that!!:P )

So is this adjectives a portion of my interval?

You may own an infection or you may have bruised the area. It is complex to tell from your description. You do not have to hold sex to get a vaginal infection. If you have not injured yourself, you should see your condition care provider for diagnosis and treatment. If you did bruise yourself - a fall, jeans too tight, etc., the headache should go away in a light of day or two. If the pain continues, gets worse or if you own other symptoms, you should see a your health care provider.

Can Using Tampons Effect your menstural cycle?

What do you aim "sour"? Is that a smell or a way of feeling? PMS is Pre Menstrual Syndrome. It can consist of Mood swings, bloating, headache, fluid retention, hot flashes, cramps, general blah (just to name few). You didn't mention your age. Try chitchat with your mother about this. She have to know you are getting ready for "womanhood". So, bringing up the subject, should be more of a relief, than a surprise.

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What does PMS hold to do with you smelling? You can smell for many different reason, every girl has an odor, some people's are just stronger than others, or it could be a yeast infection or something else. Go to the doctor if your that worried roughly speaking it.

Is okay to take your extent the second month your on Depo, I even own cramps, resembling I used to?

My first one came when i didnt even know it. It probably isnt. So dont worry. I get my first one when I was ten though...
Dont worry too much around it. It ISNT PMS. PMS is for some people who get anxious or pissed sour before their period. It stands for Pre Menstural Syndrom.
Anyways, biddable luck.

Vaginal sore?

ok its spelled sore, not sour like a type of food. and it may be sore for diff girls. but usually girls just receive with no hints.

About my surgery?

u should tell your mom u spy odor coming from there. u might have an infection or something

Please minister to me next to this, really call for an anwer, am i anyone paranoid?

it might be an infection. chitchat to your mom or doctor. keep yourself CLEAN.

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PMS means Pre Menstraul Syndrome, its when your similar to moody before your menstraul cycle

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