Is this a typical fancy during PMS?

Right before i'm going to get my extent, I have thoughts of suicide, death, and I basically feel really depressed. I also just discern really sad and I get angry well. I also feel very lonely. I know you are supposed to enjoy mood swings, but this happens every month and I'm afraid I might do something serious because of the thoughts I get. Is this conventional? What can I do to not have these thoughts?

Answers:    I go through exactly what you do.
It's not conventional to be thinking/acting that way during PMS, but it is if you have PMDD (which is what you must have).

Go to your doctor, and she/he will prescribe anti-depressants for you during the days you expect PMDD to hit, or they may suggest trying Yaz or Yasmin (birth control).

Here's how to enlighten if you have PMDD:
Over the course of a year, during most menstrual cycles, five or more of the following symptoms must be present:
- depressed mood
- anger or irritability
- difficulty in concentrating
- removal of interest in activities once enjoy
- moodiness
- increased appetite
- insomnia or hypersomnia
- feeling overwhelmed or out of control
- other physical symptoms
- symptoms that disturb social, work, or physical functioning
- symptoms that are not related to, or exaggerated by, another medical condition

I can relate as I have had similar problems back my period. I get severely depressed and recurrently stop eating. While I feel close to I should be telling myself this, I strongly urge you to seek medical serve. It may be treatable with the right kind of birth control pill to regulate your mood and hormone rank, or there may be another medication available to you to help alleviate your symptoms. Having thoughts of suicide is alarming and dangerous to you and those who love you. Please seek relief as soon as possible. yes i know exactly that feeling. im not sure about the suicide thought. did you in actuality mean commit it?

any way i know that silly things will set you stale though. and because you are moody you start to feel left out and icolated from your people and friends.
i does feel like it would stir on forever but it doesnt, i will last a week then your peroid will come and every piece is back to normal!
what i do when this time come to me is chew over and think it wont last forever.

its typical but im here for you if you need me. xxxx.
You might have what they call for PMDD. It's a more severe form of PMS and most women treat it with medication or the pill. I would talk to your gynecologist nearly how you have been foreboding and see what she would recommend for you. You might need medication to stabilize your moods or go on birth control to relieve level out your hormones. It is normal to own mood swings and depression from time to time during that time of month.

It's NOT normal to have thoughts of suicide and demise. You need to talk to a quailified form professional, ASAP..
talk to someone.

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