Is the hymen and cherry impossible to tell apart?

and i heard (besides tampons and sex) you can pop your cherry by masturbating? is that true? where is the cherry or the hymen located if they're same, and how do you pop it from masturbating?

Answers:    Yes, the hymen and the cherry are impossible to tell apart thing. Hymen is the medical term and "cherry" is lately a slang term. As for breaking the hymen by masturbating, it is possible if you do something a certain process. The hymen is a flap of skin that is stretched over the hole that is your vaginal entrance. You can pop it from masturbating if you use something to be exact too big or if you use too many fingers. Hope this helps!.
Yep, they are like peas in a pod thing & yes you can break it while masturbating.
The hymen is a thin band covering half of the opening of the vagina.
I broke mine while I be at cheerleading tryouts. I didn't even know, so there are other ways to break your hymen like alot of athletic deeds..
yes they are the same thing..
yes you can pop it buy doing anything..even riding a bike..
and you purely pop it if you are fingering yourself down there!.
hymen and cherry are the same exact point "cherry" is just a slang term and yes u can brake ur hymen or "pop your cherry" by masturbating if u run in too far popping your cherry means that you lost your hymen. and yes u can lose your hymen if u masterbate..
Yes, they are equal.

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