Is near anything I can do to prevent my PMS symptoms?

I always over eat - I chasm on sugar and salt.and I always draw from horrible looking skin. It never fails. I'm not on birth control and I'd prefer not to be. Is there any mode to combat the symptoms of PMS?? I don't have enough will power to quarrel it .I'm thinking about going to the kitchen right now as we speak and I already have strawberry/cream cheese danish bites and chips with salsa :(.....

Answers:    well when i go 2 my doctor about cramps she said 2 take 3 motrin approaching a week before your period n it will assist cut back on cramps and pms. but somebody probably has a better answer than me. hope i help!.
I think there are over the counter pills to abet. I'm not sure if it'll help your specific symptoms, but it'd be worth a try. I don't know the names of any of them, but if you look around I'm sure you can probably find something to facilitate. pl check these links


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