Is it true that drinking LOTS & LOTS of rime cold river help relieve menstrual cramps?

What else can I do? My period started last hours of darkness, & my stomach hurts SO badly! &I also feel dizzy & lacklustre, too.

Answers:    i heard drinking warm hose can relieve cramps and bloating..cold water tends to transport longer to digest and can cause u to bloat.
I know water help but I'm not sure about tons of ice cold marine. Take a tablet of paracetamol/tylenol/mefenamic acid and get a hot hose down bag and put it on your tummy. This normally help relieve the pain.

You should go to a doctor and enjoy yourself checked also, I used to have really painful cramps and it turns out I have endometriosis. They just removed a cyst last month. My treatment isn't done but but my cramps are already better..
Take an anti inflammatory like ibuprofen to relieve ur cramps caused by inflammation of the uterus as it tries to go and get rid of the small clots, and drink lots of water, not necessarily ice dampen as this may cause them to become worse as your body has to work harder to thaw out the liquid up.

try eating smaller amount stodgy foods around this time as you will feel more bloated then too..
you can boil some hose down and put it in a bottle..
wrap a small towel on it because it very hot.
and lay on the lower stomach
becareful though because it hot..
it alway give a hand me out
if that dont work
by midol
it also works a
Might help a bit, but drinking alot of really cold stuff can give you a stomache or headache and isn't too on top form to do. Take Advil (ibuprofen), it'll help more. Also eat athletic food, get plenty of rest, and drink enough sea, soda, juices. I heard hot marine does it as the cramps are caused by cloating blood and hence it clears it out. Im not sure tho but it works for me.
No, it's not true. You'd have better luck next to a heating pad or a hot marine bottle. Take some Midol if need be. try and use a heat pack and rest

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