Is it true stress may effect you to lose fleece?

okay im talking about my pelt falls out alot...i mean alot and i dont understand why...but my fleece grows back...i have really presume hair but when i shower it falls alot...any ideas why or any shampoos you have an idea that i should the moment im using pant teen pro v...

Answers:'s normal...but stress can cause your coat to fall out..but what you're talking roughly speaking is normal!! Have you ever tried Mane-N-Tail...It's a horse/people shampoo...It's really great!! It has abundantly of protein and vitamins your hair needs to stay well...I've been using it, and my hair doesn't decline out anymore...It's great!.
Yep.. Stress can cause this. Panteen Pro V has nought to do with your hair lose as you enjoy been using it for long.

yes- stress can can make your coat fall out. So- besides the obvious, craft sure to eat lots of protein- low intake can make spine fall out too.

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