Is it ok to use metformin next to diane 35? is this forceful contained by treating PCOS?

hi. i took the diane35 pill before to regulate my cycle (i have irregular cycle)...after that, i experienced spotting and have an ultrasound. my dr. found out that i have PCOS (though i don't have most of the symptoms related to PCOS approaching weight gain, diabetes, etc. etc.).

I was final on the pill for another 6months after that. I plan to get pregnant this year..according to one doctor, i should ask my OB if i can take metformin. is it safe and sound to use metformin with diane35? how long does it usually take to treat PCOS? will i still conceive even if i own PCOS?

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Metformin should have no problem with diane, or any other contraceptive pill... but check near your doc. Secondly, there is no treatment, as such, for PCOS. It may reduce your symptoms and craft it all easier to manage, but it is an incurable condition. Good luck!

I will give one word of concern... I too had spotting as well as several of the adjectives PCOS symptons, paid to visit the top obgyn contained by the country in London, who gave me an int.ultrasound and diagnosed me beside PCOS. Then last month (seven years later!) I be starting fertility treatment and had to have another internal ultrasound... which showed my ovaries be fine and showed less than 11 folicles (the mark of PCOS, and I can't enjoy ever had it!!)!! I am not doubting your diagnosis, but before embark on a strong drug like metformin I would recommend a second opinion as it is extremely adjectives (I have now discovered) for doctors to receive it wrong. x

When I did see the doc at the centre for reproductive medicine, since doing the scan, he did tell me that PCOS wouldn't stop me concieving, just that it might clutch a bit longer than usual... this may change case to overnight case I suppose, but he really wasn't concerned. Bearing in mind it can take tough, fully fertile women up to two years to conceive, it is unsurprising. Don't put any pressure on yourself to get pregnant at a particular time - it'll come up when it's ready.

Good luck!

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