Is it majority for virgins not to hold a sex drive?

To not have a sex drive or sexual desire if you are 23 and a virgin and you're waiting for the right person and you'll do it after you marry him?

In youth group when I be a teen the leaders always talked around sex and temptation. Well I don't have that problem. Why is that? I do enjoy a romantic drive if there is such a thing.

My body also can't produce any sort of hormones on its own(Kallman's Disease) so I'm on hormone psychiatric therapy. Could that be it?

Is this normal?

Should I go for testosterone dream therapy so I feel what everyone else is feeling even though I don't want sexual relationships until after I marry?

Answers:    Yeah the shortage of hormones definitely has an impact on sex drive. once you find the one you want to be near 4 tha rest or ur life then you marry him, afterwards you will want to hav sex with him. it just works close to that. .
Yes, it can be if you have a hormonal imbalance.

I didn't hold a sex drive either when I was 23 and a virgin due to PCOS.

See a Endocrinologist to go and get your hormones checked and get treated.

You really don't have to verbs about a sex drive until you're ready. :)

I didn't carry a sex drive until I started the pill at the age of 31 to regulate my periods and regulate my crazy hormones from PCOS. I was a virgin until I be 32..
Um.. Well I didn't have much of a sex drive before any. It also depends on whether or not you're dating someone at the moment: generally as you grow fond of one another, the desire for sex increases at least a bit. It could be due to your body too though. But I don't think going on testosteron therapy is needed until you truly do marry. If you feel you need it when you are married though, afterwards that's when you should go if you need it. It is commonplace for you to have small managable urges but no urge at all would be strange because we adjectives have hormones.

P.S. You can wait to catch on hormones until a little before you are married to build sure you'll have a sex drive for the honeymoon..

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