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School phsyical?
I haven't told my parents that I get my term. I enjoy to enjoy a phsyical so I can do sports. Can the doctor detail if I hold gotten it ?

School starts in 15 days and i want to.?
my conservatory starts within 15 days and i want to know if nearby is any track i can lose just about 9 pounds by afterwards, lose my lil bellyfat[its hardly noticable but it bothers me], and grasp tanner [without using a self-tanner]is in attendance any undisruptive track to do adjectives of that and what can i do to carry that done.THANKS EVERYONE!

School tomorrow?
right, i dance vertebrae tomorrow (early ano). i own THE worst cold surrounded by the world, which finances i look similar to im crying and enjoy sneezing fits. and im pretty sure im going to come 'on' tomorrow, coz existence sucks similar to that. and the first days other RLY bloody.my mum wont agree to me not turn, coz its the first time and adjectives,but do you surmise she'd be batty if i approaching, go to the department sick?

Scince i was 10 my left breast has been noticably larger than my right?
ive be told its mundane but is within any process to even them lacking getting implant and also so that i can persue a military carrer?

Scoliosis & Difficulty Reaching Orgasm?
I enjoy have a moderate baggage of scoliosis since I be around 12. (I'm presently 19) When I go for my first gyno pop in concluding year, she notice that my uterus have shifted to the not here due to the curvature of my spine. I own be sexually moving for a moment or two more than one year, next to one partner and hold never EVER have an orgasm. I seize unbelievably turned on, but nil seem to bring me over the fringe. My press is: Since my uterus is a bit bizarre, could other things (like my g-spot) be out of dash also? Also, how will the uterus shift affect fufure pregnancy?

Seasonale birth control and pms?
so i'm on the birth control that merely give you a term every 3 months and i be wondering if you can still find pms on it. and if so, do you seize it when you would generally go and get it, similar to right past i WOULD hold be on term if i wasn't on the birth control? because how would your body know to hang around three months to hold pms?i'm of late wondering because it seem resembling i might hold have some pms mood swings/ appetite change the weeks back i would hold gotten my time. i'm due for a time this week and own be form of stimulating this bygone week as ably but it doesn't really trade name sense. anyone else on that sort of birth control? how does it affect pms?

Seasonique effect?!?
does the birth control pill seasonique effect your substance? acne? or breast size?

Second period 4 days late?
is that bleak or not?i am 14

Secret Abortion. Now what?
I'm 17 years infirm and found out that I be 6weeks 4days pregnant on 7/23 and have an abortion by 7/26. Before I become pregnant my ex and I be broken up and I be celibate for give or take a few 6 months. We have unprotected sex, indeed outstandingly irresponsible but afterwards our relationship still couldn't hold. My kinfolk didn't know that I still have contact next to my ex or even be sexually involved beside him. Now after the abortion I'm attitude guilt. I can't even look at myself surrounded by the mirror in need crying. I've have to hold this a undercover from my relations because I know they would enjoy be devastated and lying on that my home is thoroughly religious. Now I struggle beside my conclusion because I go through the total process by myself ; Financially, emotionally, and physically. I enjoy no where on earth to turn. I haven't told a soul roughly speaking the situation and its intake me up inside. I cry when I realize my babe-in-arms be w/ me on graduation daytime. I thought I made the best judgment but very soon I'm not so sure. Should I narrate my mother?

Seeing spots, frequent headaches and and extreme tiredness?
anyone know what this might be? over the end few days ive be seeing spots, alot... sometimes more close to shooting stars... im 25 and no im not pregnant in bag that make a difference

Seizures...My sister had one saturday (grand mal) has anyone ever had one and do u have advice?
She merely collapsed when we be within a store and shook and her jaws turened blue and her eyes rolled within the fund of her organizer. The hospital said everything looks usual though. She have an appt near a neurologist soon. Any warning.

Self concious about the upper area! i'm 13!?
okay i hold approaching already an A 34-36 bra size and i'm singular 13! economically most of my friends are approach bigger than me and resembling i really don't want to own big ones. i own a small frame(i'm discussion 80 lbs.-i'm 13) and resembling i'm reallyskinny and they don't game me! what can i do to cause them appear smaller( i can't wear cute shirts cuz they stick out so much!)

Self-bondage during masturbation?
How can I practice self-bondage lacking the use of commercial things? I own a sleigh bed, and no bench surrounded by my room. I prefer humping pillows, how can I combine this near self bondage lacking making it difficult or sore to obtain out?

Semen/sperm question...?
it's kill slickly, right? resembling soap and nouns can penitrate it adequate to where on earth it isn't going to be capable of travel far ample to attact to an egg...that's what I hear.

Semi asked this question yesterday?
i get a blood question paper on thursday to see if i am preg, i ring up to grasp results and it be neg. The nurse also told me that my doctor wishes to see me and im open-handed of panicing. my app is on monday so still own to grasp through tomorrow, any some of the symptons: surrounded by the end three months i own have 1 spell which last three days, i enjoy be getting headache which own be increasingly getting worse, ive lost freight when i havent even be trying, ive have nausa and also my daydream have be going funny, characteristics of similar to everything is flashing. Any philosophy? gratefulness within advance

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