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Guy questionn?
well im 14. and i close to this guy and he like me & he is 18. is not against the canon to date them unless you are sexually influential. i dont know if i would want to date him or not though. we live roughly a partly an hour apart and i would gain to see him around once a week. he is done everything but. and i dont know know what i want to do. i want a mixture of answers from general public of different ages. thankss.

Guys CAN get raped.?
Why do relatives devise man cant be raped?I posted a quiz on here and i get severely upset just about in that awnser,.I know my BF wasnt raped but he was forced to enjoy sex within a instrument.his ultimate GF beg him and pleaded to him to do sexual act to her and bugged him and simply made it impossible for him not to do something to her.He hate her... abhorrence her too but he doesnt realize why.This is why i aversion her... She forced him primarily to hold sex beside her. She said it kept them 'warm' while they run away.Can someone explain please?

Guys can i have it frank?
i am virgin and want to be a virgin until nuptials. so gotta cope up beside my hard shoulder for seeking pleasure, and i do so. but how tons of you if truth be told do as i do. getting it straight, who requirements to be a trustworthy partner and even so is trying to be sneaking out of pleasure from girly girly stuff

Guys i want to know your opinion..about down there..?
you prominently know that a womens labias (vagina lips) arent other symmetrical, does that ever gross you out? if one is bigger than the other is that cruel to you? please describe me what you imagine. and if one is bigger how big is too big?

Guys only!!?
The path girls return with monthly period. what is it that guys attain?

Guys wha i means was that if one develops cyst type thing in between the breasts..?
the doctor have gven some antbacterial thingy.and it isnt right on the breast but between the breasts....g... please lemme know..i m slightly worried...is nearby anything to verbs about

Guys..a personal question..? 18+ only please?
if a girl have tan/dark skin and she have shadowy colored nipples resembling depressing brown would that be a turn stale?i'm east indian and i look a bit resembling anchal (that girl from antm)http://www.buddytv.com/articles/americas...

Gym class?
during college, if i hold gym on the days i bring back my interval what should i do? similar to will i still be capable of do stuff?

Gynaenologist or doctor?/?
okmy extent shutting down on the 1st of aug and on the 7th i took a moring after pill cuz i wasnt sure if my bf inside of me. presently im bleeding and im sure its not my time and i be have cramps comparatively a few time.cud this be a side if effrct?and im planning to catch check out but where on earth to gyno or doctor?which one is better and cheaper?and what are the procedure of respectively,will i do an nouns?

Gyno diagnosed me with bv yesterday...?
but im purely wondering what might enjoy cause it? i dont really understad what might own cause it. iv of late have a miscarriage as in good health and gyno said that it looked close to i might enjoy it for a while. gyno said this can create miscarriages within precipitate pregnancy so...im anxious it do my miscarriage and for that i quality really really guilty. i surface approaching it be my reprimand and if i wasnt so alarmed to move about to the doctor surrounded by the first place they could hold sorted it out. also the antibiotics im taking are making me surface REALLY sick. the gyno said this be purely almost the with the sole purpose side effect. i cant remember what they are call but i know that they are 400mg. does anyone know if i can help yourself to anything for the impression sick? i dont know if anythings too strong to whip?so if anyone can sustain near any things gratefulness a great deal xxxx

Gyno visit tomorrow!!?
okay all right im going tomorrow for sure and im really worried not at wat they are going to do to me but close to person undressed u know i of late dont be aware of humiliated i know within is no approach out of itbut can u girls that own be to the gyno describe me how u feel since and after u go ?be it as desperate as u thought it be gonna be?and do u hold any words of advice

Gyno wants me to wait until my youngest is 1 before i consider vaginal tightening? can it re-tighten by then?
on its own? kegels arent working, but my doc think that it appears everyday! i told him that sex isnt fairly as pleasurable anymore, so he said we could discuss vaginal tightening in november @ my annual when my youngest turns 1.. is this run of the mill? have anyone have this procedure done? if so, how to they do it?any oblige would be greatly appreciated!

Gyno...yeah it's weird.?
My mom doesn't travel. Neither does anyone else surrounded by my house.But I know it's fighting fit from growing up in the age that I do. And I'm worried that when I start my mom won't permit me shift in attendance because she doesn't and its 'not needed'.How contained by the world should I describe her I want to dance when I do obligation to?Thanks for the hep.~.~

male or womanly doctor? what do you conjecture? which is better? which is more sympathetic? does it construct a differnce?


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