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?!?Chest Help?!? HELP?
Okay i was wondering how to make your chest (breast) to be smaller in need surgery use ! PLEASE HELP ME

?? Is this ordinary ??
i've had my period for fairly a while now not exactly a year but close enough. When i would bring back my period i really didnt feel sorts of throbbing in my stomach, mabee little cramps but thats all!! Now approaching right now i'm having my length and i have major misery in my stomach huge pains! Is this normal. Its close to i waz totally fine but now i have these huge pains. Why?

?women bras??
do americian and australian women have the same bra sizes approaching 12b or 16 b??

?Why does your Obstetrician, Gynaecologist leave the room when you get undressed if they are going to look up

[Breast backache question] Is this usual?
Is it normal, or at least in recent times a minor concern, for a certain area of one breast to surface a small amount of pain or pressure when pressed, while the other breast doesn't feel any distress or as much pressure when pressed with the same amount of pressure on matching area?Also, is it unusual for one nipple to feel not necessarily not easy, but more firm and look more noticeable while the other one looks and feels mundane or does it depend on the circumstances? If it does, could you please tell me which circumstances would lead to which concerns, if any?

[girls only]!! i haven't gotten my time even so
ok so im 13 and i had my period up to that time but it been a month and a half very soon and i havent gotten my period yet ??!! =/ wats wrong!!

birth control?
ok so this is a two part question. when should i start to homily birth control and when did you start to take it. please answer boththanks

{girls solitary unless ur a doctor} bleeding after menstral cycle
the beginning of the month i started my menstral cycle and it had be gone now for a week or lil better and then this morning i saw blood when wipe ,i cannot be pregnate nor had a miscarriage cause i hold had a tubal now for 7 years already,also niether am i hurting or burning anywheres, so...anyone know the intention?

0.03, is that low or large?
Im taking yasmin, and it says .03.whats that mean, i hear people talking roughly speaking it before,but never fully knew.also, if you taken it, give an account me your experience. i just started a week ago!

1 Day Late :) BFN this morning 13 DPO?! :(.Do my symptoms nouns similar to interval or pregnancy?
My cycles have always be between 23- 26 days long and I am now on day 27. (13 DPO) I took a theory test from early pregnancytests.com this morning and got BFN. I own had light spell like cramping all week ( i usually singular get it the DAY of my period) I also had implantaion bleeding on 11 DPO and 12 DPO. My boobs are really sore to touch and I hold had an odd intuition in my stomach.. kind of approaching butterfly feeling lately! Also, once in a while I take cramping in my sides.When should I test again?! Or do these not soung approaching pregnanct symptoms? I have been TTC for 4 months presently! :) Thanks much!

1 month 3 weeks past due. not sexually moving at adjectives not even kissing whats stirring ?
i haven't had my period contained by 1 month and 3 weeks and I'm a little worried i know I'm not pregnant the last time i have any contact with a boy was over a year ago. so yeah lol what can be wrong. my mom seem like shes not telling me something. I've have my period for over 4 years and its always be really heavy but now its gone. whats wrong?

1 time time of year, please aid?
aah no one answered my other question, please comfort me-i am so confused.i spotted very very vastly light brown today and just on tp(this be about 6:30am) then around 2:30 pm af showed, it be strange though-light medium flow(mostly brown in color next to a little bit of dark red).next at 9:30pm it slowed down(almost completely done)-very light brown spotting w very little red.i am 23 years frail have been have a period since i was 14 and not once have anything like this.please help-and we are ttc btw.

10 days earlier my usual time of year I started bleeding extremly thickset and cramps concrete discouraging. be this a miscarriage?
Its 3 days later and the bleeding is just as robust but the cramps are slowly going away

10 days slowly.. HELP!?
last month i was 11 days slow.. 2day is the 10th day. do u think i will gain it 2morrow?

10 points is within glands trailing the knees? what would wreak swelling astern nearby?
and discoloration on both legs in a line straight across where on earth i bend my legs?

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