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(women's health)am i surrounded by puberty?
am i in puberty.i am 11 i do have small boobs.i enjoy hair on my legs,arms,and pubic area.so am i within puberty?plz answers!

Girl Question?
I have a few questions.I am 15.How can i draw from a bigger booty?How can i get perkier more erect nipples?How can i get bigger boobs?Or how can i net them appear bigger? Butt and Boobs.PLEASE NO ANSWERS LIKE 'you don't need a bigger butt' or w.e.

***Can I Go Swimming While I hold My Period***?
Hi,I have booked tickets for my husbands birthday to go to a big waterpark on wednesday!!I own just come on this morning, my periods are immensely irregular and when I do get them I get extremely heavy ones!!Will I still be able to budge swimming if I wear a tampon??All advice will be really appreciated!!Thanks in creditxxx

Help...How can I expand my breasts?***
I wear a 32B. I'm 5ft. and 5in tall. I'm 18. I weight in the order of 105 lbs. My breasts are the width of B - C cup but I hardly swarm out a B cup. I have to wear push up bras. If I wear an A my breast will fall out of the sides and bottom of the cups. Is nearby any way I can fix this? I'm on the nuva ring. Could I change my b/c? What roughly taking estrogen? Would that help? I don't feel incredibly feminine with my size. If I still feel this opening in a couple of years... I'll just take breast implants when I graduate college. What can I do?

HELP ME** I'm taking birth control pills and I'm starting my extent track earlier I'm supposed to!!?
I had a baby June 19th, and by July 25th I started my first extent. I went to see the doctor for my 6 week check up on July 31 and I was STILL on my term then. He gave me Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo birth control pills. He told me to start them when I get home to dry up my period because I was on it for a long time it seem like. Now I started them that day and I started my extent again before I hit my last week of pills. What's the traffic? I'm really freaking out because I've never had this happen to me in the past. Is this normal?

Do you estimate it's possible? ?
I've had the symptoms of a UTI for over a month but only not long decided to get it checked. My urine come out negative as in, I don't enjoy a uti. Over this month it has gradually gotten better and the symptoms are not as severe and come about a little less regularly. Do you think it's possible to naturally confrontation off an infection? Or do you think it might not be a uti at adjectives? Please say why you think so and appreciation for answering, too. =]Hugs,Elena

*FEMALES ONLY*I hold a sound out more or less puberty?
So it's about that time for me to hit puberty. So I'm putting together an Emergency-In-case-I-get-my-period-at-sch... thing. Well, I don't know if it's a pod or a whatever! Anyway, what should I put in it? Like underwear, pad, what else? Tampons maybe? And other puberty stuff, too? Like not just period, but like, well, you know, other puberty things. Like deoderant, etc.?

*Friend's Question* Shaving
Hi, My friend is 14. She is disabled, she wears braces that go up to for a time below the knee, she doesn't wear shorts or skirts because her braces stand out(no neutral designs or anything because she doesn't enjoy that option), her school wants her to swim, but she's arguing against it due to time constraints, if she be to swim, it would be once a week, should she shave her legs, she doesn't shave because she doesn't like people seeing her legs within general.

*why 20 words long?* anyway Period Help!!?
Ok, i had my first period on the 20june 08, next i got my second one on the 4 August, i had it for 8 days the first time, so its very soon 8 days again and iv stopped *might be spotting dunno*, my question is are periods indistinguishable amount of days each time?

. give or take a few your body?
Is it possible to control how your body distributes food, i ask because when ever i eat food most of the food goes to my thighs and booty, lol.. not specifically anything wrong with that.. its just that i enjoy a small body, i'm 15, i weigh 110 pounds but im 'heavier' on the bottom half of my body.. im not HUGE, i just would approaching to fill out the top a little bit more, lol so i be wondering can you change how & where your body distributes food?

ok, im going to buy condoms for the first time, how do i know what kind to get, in that seems to be so many to pick from.

hmm.well my boyfriend was playing around down near and after, i had a lil bit of blood, i wasnt in any headache...and i had just finished my time the day before, he didnt really dance in far, so would it have be my hymen breaking, or spotting from my period?

hmm.well my boyfriend was playing around down here and after, i had a lil bit of blood, i wasnt in any agony...and i had just finished my length the day before, he didnt really stir in far, so would it have be my hymen breaking, or spotting from my period?

...omg im so upset please relief...
can you get pregnant from precum?

.Why is my pee red?
me and my friend we drinking mouthwash last night and presently my pee is blood red!! what is going on??

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