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Tampon Help!?
Which tampon is best for a first time user?

what do yuu do to find rid of CRAMPS>>>?
Ok so i get really really bad cramps when im due for or hold my period. I get to the point that i can't walk_lyk at adjectives. i throw up and end up litrally scrreaming and crying because of the pain!Does any1 else attain this?Is this ok_lyk normal nd stuff?How can i get rid of them_plz dont say aloud panadol or anything lyk that because none of it works at all. Thanx in credit.

'Female' Doctor and Sex??
Okay, So if you are under the age of 18 and you have have sex. Then you go to the female doctor for your twelve-monthly physical. Can they legally tell your parents?

'Full' inkling surrounded by uterus.
I was having cramping within my ovary area about 4-5 days ago, it last about a day. Starting end night my uterus/lower abdomen nouns was feeling tight. Today it feel bloated or full.I've done research but haven't found anything that might explain it.I am currently TTC.Any suggestions?

'Hysterectomy' Information support please?
I had a total 'hysto.' In the last year i enjoy been switched many times to what my dr said is my later resort for hormone replacement.I am on a patch called estradiol and the side effects have be nasty and the darn thing will not stay on!!Can some one please describe me what i can do and any advice about hormone replacement.I am so sick of person on an of the being on a roller coaster of emotions.Thanks contained by advance.

( girls simply ) vaginal knowledgeable ?
Ok so this might sound a little strange but you know on a vagina the in one piece bit at the side theres two little bits ( excuse me but idont know the scientific names ) Well i enjoy one that really big one one side and tiny on the other side im scared to go to my gp and i dont know if its conventional and im scared it might grow even bigger and stick out help

(BEST ANSWER) Girls, how do you concordat near it?
I'm 16 and starting college and I'm worried about when I come on my period, that it would dribble. I use pads, I prefer to use them, but, I guess if I was really desperate, I would use tampons, the with the sole purpose thing that bothers me, is you have to mop up your hands before and after using them. I obtain very paranoid about what I'm doing and in the region of the people around me. Plus, when I'm there, I own to stay there for an extra 2-3 hours, even when my course is finished.Should I stop worrying about it? How do other culture deal with it?Thanks seriously. I'm just looking for experience from other people. I other feel better when submitting a question on here.

(Girls Only Please) I necessitate some oblige on feminine things.?
I am 12. I started for the first time a month ago on Monday. I have cramps, bloating, head-aches and I am really worried about self on my period for about the first week of university. I'm not sure where to put my pads rationale my purse is small and I barely have anymore room within it and like what if someone see's them? And I need tips on anything close to this. I am new to everything like this so please tips. Help is appreciated

(girls only) does anyone else own this bra/breast problem?
i'm 14 and my breasts are still growing. im a 34- A and when i wear a bra the cups fill but the areas near the connecting chunk of the bra are like empty. towards the middle. my sister is close to 2 and she jammed her elbo really hard in that nouns and it killed for like two days and i want to know if perchance if its from that. but does ne one else have this problem? please help

(Girls Only) Period cross-question...?
I've had my period monthly since February. Its not completely leveled out nonetheless; the date hasn't really been set, but I know the general time it begin. Despite the fact that I know my period isn't completely regular however, one recurring thing worries me. The second hours of darkness of my cycle is always extremely heavy, and most regularly I find myself running to the bathroom in the morning due to an overflow. Sometimes its worse, sometimes its not that bad. Its annoying though, and I want to know whether or not this is commonplace? (After that one night and the day afterwards, the flow get lighter and lighter until it comes back heavy after nearly three days and then completely disappears) I'm too embarassed to ask my mom, which I know is stupid, but I can't help how I quality about it.

(girls) what would you do?
what if your bf or husband had a foot fetish and he told you, how would you react and how would you also fulfill his dream?

(guys or girls) is it unnatractive or a turn stale when girls own roomy areolas?
im young but mine are big. my breasts are kinda big so it doesnt look that bad but my skin is so weak and there kinda a pink color. I also read somewhere that guys like women next to small dark areolas and large breasts.

(i merely took another theory test.. 6 of them presently. and it still say glum?what do you ruminate?
I was supposed to get my spell on August 5 and i still haven't gotten it. last month i got it on the 5th and 2 months earlier that on the 1st.i've taken 5 different urine tests, 3 different brands, and the all come negative. am i pregnant? my nipples started to feel a bit sensitive in the order of two days ago. which is what normally happens until that time i get my period. but i still haven't gotten it..(ive taken 3 of the test first thing in the morning and the other two around dinner time)My interval seems to come one the same daylight for about 2-3 months and then it change.. could that be it? am i irregular?(i just took another test.. 6 of them immediately. and it still says negative)

(Ladies 14 ) Wondering if any of you hold this same problem as I do...
Since last year around September-October 2007, I began have vaginal discharge every single day of my life except for when I enjoy my period. I've went to doctors but they adjectives say nothing's wrong. I thought when we're not having our term, our underwears should be discharge-free unless when it's suppose to indicate that your next period is coming soon.Does anyone grasp vaginal discharge on their panties everyday except when they have their period? I don't know if getting discharge on my underwears everyday close to this is normal.

(Woman single, or doctors) breast vigour interview??
I don't know what's going on and this sounds a little silly but i need this to stop. so sometimes i have a feeling like my nipples are burning for no apparent explanation and it hurts a lot. It's almost as if i scraped my nipples or something and it doesnt matter if im wearing a bra or not it will still hurt. It's not incredibly often, it's only just about once a week but it burns sooooo bad. So I would like to know what could be cause this and what to do to stop it. is it normal??

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