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Does being sterilised young-looking bring on menopause early?
Please help. My period are late ive become highly aggresive and having hot flushes for a while very soon. I was sterilised youthful.

Does birth control pills cause acne surrounded by the beginning?
I just have my baby within November, and started back on 'the pill' (Ortho-Tri Cyclen Lo) surrounded by January I am on the placebo pills (due to get my period) and my facade broke out really bad. Will this adjust once I am on the pills for a while? Or will this come about every month?

Does Breast enlargement Pills are important? http://sdating.net/breast-gain-plusBreast?
Enlargement pills http://sdating.net/breast-gain-plus... as this sites writes that naturally enhance and blow up your breast and makes it faultlessly rounder and perfect within shape and looks rocking and cooool in just 4 weeks beside 100% money back guarateed, does it really works? Are here any expereince of it?http://sdating.net/breast-gain-plus...are they tooo tellling the same thing

Does breast size run in the people?
Is the size of your breasts heritable?

Does cocoa butter darken your skin?
I've been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula on my thighs, buttocks, and lower stern. After a few days of using it, I noticed that these areas appear more even-toned and darker. What's up beside that?

Does cold have any influence in getting menstual cramps?
i've heard from my mom and other individuals that walking barefoot or sleeping without covers cause women to have more severe cramps formerly and during their period, is this true? cuz in attendance's nothing i delight in more than walking barefoot in my own house. and what are the consequences of cold on your bare feet? in recent times to know...

Does curves waive initial fee for joining if you bring a case of food for the needy?

Does depo shots make your butt grow?

Does DIET effect your menstrual cycle?
First of all, I don't think I am pregnant (always a possibility, though). I am a couple days unpaid for my period...but contained by the past month my husband and I did a pretty intense detox. One year fasting beside 14 days entirely whole foods. (No meat, dairy, ANYthing processed) I am of late wondering if this could have disrupted my cycle?

Does eating broccoli support with cramps?
I noticed that whenever I get through a lot of broccoli right formerly I get my time of year, my cramps aren't as bad. I read somewhere beforehand that eating greens help but I can't remember exactly what I read. If it does help, what surrounded by the broccoli helps it travel away?

Does eny girl hav an easy method to put in a tampond ?
So this is how i will start. Its my first period. I dont trust my mom something like telling her. When I needed a bra i have to wate untill i wuz 10 and she let me be in motion to the mall. wellback to my quesion. i go to bt tamponds but they dont have instructions. i tryed to put it in myself but i get scard and couldnt. I thought i would stick it in the rong place. Does eny one kno an assured way to put it within. please help somone .

Does every woman really have a G-spot?
This may be an ignorant sound out, but:I’m 28 and have never have a vaginal orgasm. It’s certainly never happen to me during intercourse. I’ve read a million books about locating the G-spot. I’ve used my fingers. I’ve used vibrators. Can’t seem to be to find anything.Am I missing something? Do I just inevitability to keep trying? Or is it possible that I don’t enjoy a G-spot?

Does getting your clit and your nipples pierced hurts?
i want to get them pierced, im not really scared but i basically want to know if its really painful. i get my tounge pierced but that didnt hurt would it be kinda of a similar feeling? also, getting the nipples pierced depend on the size of breast?

Does getting your tube tied have discouraging effects after you had the surgery?
i have two children, one at 18 months and a newborn, at 21 years ripened. i dont regret having my kids but i do not want any more. so me and my husband are considering irredeemable birth control. i want to know is there anyone out here who has have their tubes tied and have have bad side effects?

Does having a bloated uterus affect pregnancy likelihood?
i had my ovarian cysts removed 2 yrs ago. lately my doctor detected that my uterus had be growing and he advised me to conceiv ed as soon as possible. i own no idea of what's going on as the doctor is brief and i feel buffed now as i have just gotten married and no intention to grant birth as yet.

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