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What birth controls does planned parenthood offer?

What body size/type is a woman that is 5' 6' and wears a size 6?
I met a girl on the internet. The only picture shown is of her frontage - she said she wears a size 6 and is 5' 6' surrounded by height. What genus of body type does she have? I know nought about womanly sizes. Thank you so much!

What bra should i wear?
I asked a quisten on this site if i should wear them,most said yes so go tot his connection and tell me what one's i should start wearing (yes they are adjectives DD,thats my real size),the correlation is:http://www.marksandspencer.com/gp/browse...

What bra size?GIRLS ONLY?
ok im like flat chested sorda ishdo yout hink a 32AA would fit?bust length or watver is 28 inches i thinkis this a stupid press?thnx

What brand of deodorant works the best for girls?
i am a girl that has to run once a week at academy and when i go to my subsequent class i worry roughly mu sweat under my arms i stipulation a deodorant that helps u not swear that much and that smells worthy! HELP ME!

What can a GYNOCOLOGIST tell the mother of the patient?
Like can they say if they have lost their virgnity

What can an excessive amount of vaginal discharge be?
I am self-treating myself for a yeast infection with Monistat 3-day treatment and I am finished my first day of treatment. Already I am be aware of much better and it seems to be clearingu p really all right. Is it normal to hold an abnormal amount of discharge due to the pill I inserted? It is gelatinous and white in colour.

What can be causing my chest discomfort after eating. Hard to get a breath in.?
Ok, so a few years back I have an X-Ray on my lower back and my othro surgeon said my intestines be filled near air which isn't mundane. I thought nothing of it...economically recently, when I drink, now I'm not conversation over eat, merely a normal lunchtime where I have a feeling good and full (not popping near a tummy ache) I find it hard to bring a good weighty breath. I almost feel resembling my stomach etc. is pushing up on my diaphragm and not letting me get a devout deep one contained by. It usually subsides after a few hours, but it's very self-conscious and makes me have a feeling VERY short of breath during this time. It's not everytime I eat, only sometimes. Do you reflect on this could have something to do next to the air contained by my intestines? Should I get that checked again by another Dr.? Anyone ever have this happen to them?

What can be done about bumps on the nipples?
After giving birth to my children, I've noticed that the bumps on my nipples are not going away. Is within an inexpensive procedure I could check into about removing them?

what can be done for female sexual disfunction?
I know that a low testosterone level within a female can effect her sex drive. but are within any pills like the one that they own for men (viagra) in the feminine version?

What can be the cause of not getting your period?
First off permit me say I am not sexually busy.I am 21 and my period have always be normal, same time every month. Since Novemeber It have been adjectives messed up, I Didnt get it surrounded by November, then I did within December, Didnt in January, I did contained by Febuary, and I didnt in March. I go to my family doctor and he refered me to the gynocologist, he didnt influence what it could be he just said to run to the gyno to have them integer it out, so now for a week I enjoy to sit here and worry. Anyone own any ideas? I know stress can grounds you to be late/ skip but for 5 months? I am not on birth control. I have be before but I stopped taking it because I didnt want to rubbish money on something I didnt need.

What can be wrong with me i have been really tired lately?
for the past week or 2 or so ive be extremely tired for no reason i vitally sleep the whole hours of daylight and still wake up tired it feel like i enjoy never had any sleep to switch on with.what can trigger this or what could this possiby imply i know im not pregant so thats not a posibility

What can cause a females period to be late!?

What can cause a women's breast to hurt?
I am 22 years old and as far as i know I am not prego. but I am at the back of my cycle.

What can happen if you are taking birth control while pregnant (or possibly pregnant)?
My last time was within January. I had a pap done within February but was told I be not pregnant. I still hadn't had a period for that month but still started the birth control. Now I own been taking them for a month and still no spell. There's a slight chance that I could own became pregnant ( from the time I have the pap done to when I started the pills). I asked My Dr. what I should do, she said it was commonplace to not have a time for up to 5 months when you start birth control. And to continue the pills.What are the risks if I am pregnant and still verbs to take the birth control??

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