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I was wondering why my period was 13 days early?
I have never have an early time of year.

I was wondering?
what kind of exercise is at hand to help you loose your stomach after have a baby.

I wear a tamon. but i have a serious question?
i havent got my interval. (i havent ever started) but i wear a tampon so that it makes me perceive normal. . . but will it heart my body BADLY. appreciation so much for your answer

I wear heels a lot and often run around in them. Can this cause anything?
I learned how to run surrounded by heels at a young age (teenager) immediately I don't even think twice..If I am behind schedule for something or a bus is coming, what am I supposed to do, act ladylike? no method.I run for it. But someone told me I could get a sore put money on? excuse me? is that true?I am talking just about stiletto heels.

I weigh 13 stone should be ashamed?
iam ashamed of my weight should i? oblige me pluck my courage

I weigh 94 pounds and i am 5.2 and im 12 is that normal?

I went to my gyno today, she said i might have polyps, so i need a sonogram. anyone ever had them?
what do they do for them?

I went to scotland which was great the first week and the second my mother became so aggitated she ruined the?
second week and we fought alot, the stress of traveling was alot, consequently I got home and have one day to recuperate and immediantly went rear legs to work, then my daughter moved contained by my small one bedroom apt with her 6 mth ripened and now I own to have primary surgery (hysteretomy) with adjectives this happening so close together I discern like I am going to explode and hold before to the point of one put in teathers, involve advice

I went to the doctor and found out I had a underactive thyroid (hypo) what do they do to treat it?
My doctor sent me to a specialist and I have a appt. this week to walk about it, have anyone had this problem?I own a lump in my throat and the right side which is the thyroid it is swelling, so I am simply wondering if you know what they will do about it. The doctor told me I will hold to take medication for it the rest of my energy. I am a 23 year old womanly and I am also borderline anemic. I weigh 98 pounds, which I have other been small all my vivacity. I have a 3 year mature, and I still haven't gainned any weight from have a child. I am under alot of stress adn the doctor to ld me I hold a rapid heartbeat also, so I don't know if that have to do with you stress or near the thyroid. I am really worried as to what they will do. Please if anyone has delt near a hyp underactive thyroid before please update me as to what you had to do to treat it. gratitude!

I went tot he Dr for an annunal Pap test..I told the dr that i wanted STD testing and she refused b/c i have..
no insurance...HOW CAN THEY DENY ME A SERVICE LIKE THAT? I'm due to go subsidise next week- how can i cause sure that they test me this time?

I will ask you one more question and I am outta here .I am short right?
A person who is 4'9 a short party or an average person for their loftiness? Is it genetics or not?

I wnt to know more about abortion..?

I wonder why with all these modern medical advancements, that they haven't found a 'cure' for childbirth pain

I worded my last question wrong, so here it goes again..?
Is there a women's strength specialist in Pleasanton CA? If here is then where on earth, or what is it called?

I worked out last night, weighed myself this morning and gained over a pound? Normal?
I haven't eaten any different freshly worked out late ultimate night and smaller number than 12 hours later weigh over a pound more. What's up?

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