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I find that my boobs are pretty soft, is there anyway to make them firmer??


I have need of 2 lose 20 pounds support
i need to lose weight formerly school starts

In my lower than be here is white stuff and that be not nearby when i put them on
i dont know what it is can someone tell me

Intestinal Parasite-waiting for meds-now time is simply Spotting!Would the parasite cause the Spotting?
I'm having all sorts of tummy problems... Diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, abdominal aching... Dehydration & headache as secondary symptoms...But then my length started on Saturday and it has just be spotting... Is it the parasite that has caused the strange menstruation?

manstruationis it normal periods which happens after 2 months

Ok, it's a gross request for information?!?
About how many pieces of poop should you make when you poo? I usually receive 1-2 large ones and sometimes a couple of small ones with them. Is this satisfactory? I'm really curious. Thanks! <3

PLEASE back Female has'nt ever have an orgasm during sex?
Im a 37 yr old female and the merely way I have an orgasm is if I do myself by placing something balled up below me and rubbing up against it. This has never been a problem for me. My concluding 3 relationships never ? or asked now Ive met a guy who wants me to be jubilant know he is satisfying me. Im not comfortable enough to detail him. Sex has always be about the closeness and bonding for me I figure Ill do myself following. I dont want to lose him over this. Any suggestions or know of any meds to help?? Please

possible Yeast infection :(?
i have been itching and have a lot of discharge and order so i bought one of those vaginal screening test and it said yeast infection so i went online to see the symptoms it says the discharge shouldnt smell but it does is it still most possible a yeast infection? and also should my man get checked? if so does he have to run to the doc? one more question.. can i use mundane soap when i take a shower? just a couple question thank you :)

press give or take a few Brithcontrol pills?
Do you need an exam before getting the pills. And is it true if your on the pill you gain less breakouts and shortens period?

What's wrong next to Menses?
I am a 14 year old girl & its almost 1 month & i haven't got any? Can anyone right to be heard me that what's wrong with me?

Will Nair backing next to this?!?
I've skimmed around the questions here and i know that lots of teenage girls hold a similar problem to me but i just think mine is worse. Im Asian but im more brown than other Asian girls, which might be the source of my problem because my dad is dishevelled. I don't know what to do. I have hair on my stomach and my breasts and arms. I shave my stomach approaching once a month and my breasts but ive heard of something called Nair that will really abet. Will it help me? And where can i catch it? Walmart?

How long does it whip...?!!?
how long does an ultra sound on the stomach lastfor someone who ISN'T pregnant but getting in that pelvic organs checked out due to a slightly enlarged ovary and fluid in the pelvis??

Simply, how long...?!?
how long does an ultra sound on the stomach lastfor someone who ISN'T pregnant but getting near pelvic organs checked out due to a slightly enlarged ovary and fluid in the pelvis??

Can u facilitate me?!?
i know a pelvic ultrasound is on the stomach area but where exactly?? is it done hard by the bellybutton or way below that?? i'm having backache and according to a ct scan i have fluid in my pelvis and a slightly larger ovary. I'm Not preganat! My doc said pelvic ultrasound but didn't right to be heard anything.plz advise me with your experiences

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