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Do you wallow in consumption alone?
Why or why not?I enjoy eating alone immensely. Do you deem this is a part of my eating disorder?I guess I approaching to because I don't feel like anyone is watching me. I can be as messy as I want and devour as fast or slow as I want. Is this weird?

Do you wish you had an identical twin?

Do your boobs grow during your interval?
I got my first ever period on july 31 i'm 13 and a 30A my right boob is process smaller than my left and i'm going into 8th grade and get my boobs during the beginning of 7th grade. soooooo i want to know if your boobs grow during your length? and my grandma said that i shouldnt take a shower since i could die when i have my period. is that true??

Do your boobs hurt when...?
do your boobs hurt when you aren't wearing a bra?within 30 minutes of not wearing one, even if i'm just sitting on the couch ,my boobs perceive achy and sore. not painful, just humiliated. my boobs aren't that large, a C cup I guess

Do your boobs still grow even if...
k so I got my period today.. and my boobs r still pretty small. will they hang on to growing? will I get a bigger butt? my hips? and height? I've hear they will. but not sure.

Do your boobs stop growing the first time you have your period?

Do your foot suppose to swell up if you are 4 almost 5 weeks preg?
my breast are swollen my feet or swollen, feel close to pms why?

Doctor appointment.what to expect?!?
ive have my 'womenly' doctors appointment tomorrow...im also getting on BC. What should i expect? Does getting a pap hurt?

Doctor appointment: going on the pill
I'm going to go see a doctor tomorrow about going on Birth Control. I am agitated and curious to know how the appointment will go. What do they do?

Doctor perve I don`t know??
Ok, so, I went in to obtain a pap test thing, and I reckon what the doctor did was wrong, I went contained by today, and the doctor had me lay on the bed, and he told me to relax and what not, then he put his fingers surrounded by my erm hole, and then, he started rubbing my clit, and I thought it was unusual, I didn't know why he was doing it and he said 'Does that feel well-mannered, how do you like it' and im only 14 right, so im thinking what he be doing was right, this was my first pap experiment thing, then he have me sit up, and he gave me a 'breast exam' and like, it didn't discern right, and then he asked 'do you want to see what a man looks like' and it creeped me out I didn't know what to do, so I grabbed my clothes and departed the room, and went home, so I don't know if what he did was right, or wrong, so can someone help out me and tell me if what he did was wrong, he also told me I should come support in, in a weeks time to achieve another test done, so thanks deeply.

Doctor said UTI go away but still slight burning?
I had a UTI last week so I took the antibiotics as prescribed for three days. All my symptoms go away, but I went for a follow up just to formulate sure it went away. The doctor said it did. Now a day next, I fill a slight burning sensation down there. Not when I pee though. NOthing impossible, just slightly. Could it be coming back? OR it it simply in my head, because I'm anxious it's gonna come back?

Doctors bureau...when scheduling patients why don't you notify them that the doctor with the sole purpose see pregnant patients
one day a week because if you did they would not make appointments in attendance if they knew that.I just get done going to my doctors appointment. The first appointment took them 3 weeks to schedule for it to be a wednesday a day i hold half a day. And at that appointment i told the nurse practioner that wednesday and fridays are polite for me and she told me that it would be no problem. Well they make me get a tuesday appointment saw that is the only sunshine the doctor sees new paients okay no problem obtain established and see him on wednesdays and fridays for now on.Problem he tells me he one and only sees pregnant women on tuesdays not good for me and not going to hang on to any appointments. Had they told me this from the beginning then I would't enjoy made the appointment there and would have go else where.Am i being unreasonable to reflect that they should inform future patients what days they see certain patients?

Doctors midwives or nurses please HELP ASAP
i have been particularly tired, slept all day but 2 hours yesterday and next slept until 12:00pm today. I feel like i am sweating but i am not. My stomach hurts a touch bit but not much its more like pressure. I have be taking my iron supplement and my prenatal. Could i be going into labor soon or something

Doctors. :(
i have to go to the doctor and i in recent times finished my period... today... so my question is since i hold to pee in the cup how long does it take for adjectives the blood to fully come out, because last time when i did that and it was similar to 1 day before the doctor and she said in attendance was blood found in my pee..lol. and is within anyway to not make blood be found

Does 'Popping your cherry' hurt,Woman? 10pts?
Im Scared to have sex cuz fear of torment from popping your cherry.does it hurt?

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